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Itch to stitch lindy petal skirt


This is my itch to stitch lindy petal skirt and I love it! Free pattern,  only takes a metre of fabric and quick to make!

I got the fabric from girl charlee and as it only uses a metre it’s a really cheap make even with fabulous fabric. It’s black with pale pink spots.



I used my serger to make up the seams and waist band and a double needle for the hem.


The top in the photo above is a Kat weekend top from Designer Stitch,  one of my favourite tnt patterns.

I have a bargain metre of sweatshirt fabric from girl charlee (£5!) and debating if I should make another or try and squeeze a Coco top out of it.

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Things I have made in 2015

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Things I have made in 2014 or earlier

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Sewers block

Well, not so much sewers block but sewing my coat block!!

I started sewing a duffle coat last year in beautiful tartan,  finished the shell but then stopped at the lining as I wanted to get some shoulder pads and warm interlining.

I finally bought some interlining in March/April but then it was starting to get too warm to think of sewing a wool coat.


But now it’s October and it’s getting cold again and still haven’t finished it!

I got it back out to inspire me but it continues to hang there. I must have made about three dresses, half a dozen tops and even started knitting again to avoid making the lining!

Do any of you suffer with the same affliction?


Fabric delivery :)

I received a lovely email the other week telling me that I had a won £25 to spend at Girl Charlee from a competition I entered from the simply sewing magazine.

I got very excited and started to plan all sorts of jersey makes ready for autumn.

Well my parcel arrived this morning and I am so excited!


Look at all those bright colours and they feel so lovely and soft.

Is it normal to get this excited and happy about a few metres of fabric??

I am planning on using the pink and black spotty ponte de roma to make an itch and stitch lindy petal skirt which I downloaded for free after seeing others on the blogs here.

The coral sweatshirt fabric is for a TATB Coco funnel neck top/ dress and the two stripy cotton jersey are to make a TATB Agnes top if I can stretch one from a metre (with shorter sleeves?).  If not I might make another Kat top from Designer Stitch or one of my simple Sew patterns.

Thank you so much simply sewing and girl Charlee!


Aggghh, when sewing goes wrong!!

I had such high hopes this morning for my sewing project,  cracking the sew over it silk cami.
This should be a simple make but I seem to have turned it into a n impossible monster!!



I bought the silk cami kit from the website for my birthday but as the fabric it came with is so lovely and soft I wanted to ensure the fit first.
I cut the pattern between a size 10 and 12 as that matched my measurements. I couldn’t trace the brown paper the pattern came on to my pattern paper so cut the actual pattern… there was my first mistake.
The version I made from cheap polyester fabric was too tight across the bust area which never happens to me as an A cup when all patterns are designed for B-C cup.
This top has been relegated to nightwear as it’s okay without a bra underneath!
This morning I sat and traced out a new pattern adding what would have been the full size 12 markings (approx 1.5cm on the width) and set to work on a polyester chiffon fabric.


I French seamed the sides,  overlocked the facing and started to sew the armholes and neck.  When I got to the back neckline I suddenly realised it didn’t line up. Aggghh!


I unpicked the armholes and where the two facing pieces joined assuming I had added the facing on upside-down…. I went to turn it over and realised it was much worse than that!
When I had traced the pattern I picked up the front piece twice!!! I had actually traced two matching front sections!
I just about managed to cut out a second front facing from the remaining fabric ( but this involved cutting out two pieces and sewing together).
I ploughed on accepting the top would have a lower back then planned.
As I had French seamed the facing I had to overlock the new piece as not much fabric left to sew!


Spot the difference


This is actually the back

Well the top is finished and it fits which is better than #01. However,  for some unfathomable reason the thread is incredibly tight on the neck and shoulders which makes it really uncomfortable.  I used my walking foot due to the slippery fabric and adjusted the foot pressure and tension looked right so I am at a loss.  Maybe it was the cheap cotton,  any suggestions?

So feeling very fed up now,  wasted a few hours and no new top for my wardrobe in that lovely pink bird fabric!!


Jersey pattern ideas anyone?? Audience participation required!

So happy….. I won a competition on the sewing made simple website and I am now eagerly awaiting delivery of a £25 girl charlee voucher.

I have often browsed the website but could never justify the £10-15 a metre prices just for a t shirt. However, I can now go wild without guilt (or my husband finding another delivery!!).

Having made three kat tops and a second Agnes in progress I would be very grateful for suggestions of your favourite stretch fabric patterns. I have a second gbsb dress in mind but would love to hear your ideas.



So many projects, so little time

It was my birthday last week so I asked for money to enable me to go fabric shopping without the guilt. 

So I decided to sit down and write a list of patterns I really wanted to sew and buy the fabric plus notions so I am good to go when I have the time.

So these are on my to make list now:


Threadcount classic pleated trousers

Floral cotton fabric from fabricland,  I had planned on making a toile for these but I am too impatient so might just go for it!


Simple Sew pleated culottes

Aubergine colour linen from fabricland,  thinking ahead for autumn and winter.


Houndstooth fabric for designer stitch Jenny dress

Pink/purple houndstooth fabric from fabricland,  to make the Jenny dress I won during IPM from Designer Stitch.  Think I will make the classic version in this for work.


Tilly and the buttons marigold jumpsuit

I have plans to make this jumpsuit ready for christmas party time.  I wanted to make a black version (and I only own two black clothing items,  both jackets!!) and then found this fab sparkly fabric.


It means I need to line it so have bought a lovely soft viscous cotton to make underneath.  Not sure how to join the two up yet but have 4 months to figure it out.


Sew over it silk cami x 2

The sew over it silk cami kit was one of my birthday presents from hubby. The kit had the pattern and the floral peachskin fabric to the right in the photo.  I bought some cheap polyester silky fabric to make a wearable toile. Lucky I did as it was too tight across the bust ( which never happens to me as only an A cup).  I bought the pink bird fabric to try again before I cut into the decent fabric.


Collette ginger skirt

I got this tula pink bumble bee fabric from Beatles a few months ago as end of roll. I got the ginger skirt pattern from a pattern exchange group on Facebook and thought it would be a great design to show off the fabric.


Simple Sew pussybow blouse

This make was inspired by another blogger on WordPress who made culottes with a pussybow top. Again,  I am planning ahead to autumn /winter and adding another black item to my wardrobe.


Tilly and the buttons Agnes top

I received the Agnes pattern during the swap in IPM.  I made a stripy version in cheap jersey as a wearable toile but had this in the stash. I am planning to make the long sleeve version.


Shorts and cami from gbsb latest book

This is the failed silk cami that only fits without a bra so has been relegated to nightwear.  I found the short pattern in my latest gbsb book and will add lace trim, the whole set will only cost me £3.50!!

That should keep me busy for a while and out of fabricland!!


Spotty Playsuit


The monthly stitch blog set a theme for July of spots and stripes.  When I was buying fabric for my Anderson blouse I picked up 1.20m of spotty fabric with the plan to make a second sleeveless Anderson blouse.

Then the sun arrived in blighty and I decided to finally make the poppy playsuit from sew over it that was free with a sewing magazine before it vanished again.


This was a quick make with a simple top and short that you sew together and add elastic around the waist in the seam allowance.

It has cute turn ups on the sleeves and shorts (that I need to add a few stitches to stop them unfolding).  I added a loop and button to the back fastening as the pattern suggested a hook and loop but I didn’t think that would hold.


I took the photos on our local dog walk on Canford heath.  We are so lucky to have this beautiful heath land on our doorstep and the beach 10 mins drive away.




Working nine to five, what a way to make a living…..


I won a competition for sewing….well all contestants won but they said it was because all entries were so good!!

I had been sewing solidly for four days but I managed to get my outfit finished in time to enter the bonus competition for the bundles from indie pattern month.
I ordered the first three items from the working 9-5 bundle as I have been after the sew over it Anderson blouse for a while, so to get a bonus skirt and jacket with it was too good to miss.
I decided to enter this competition on the day it opened so I decided to go for the blouse and skirt as I thought this was achievable.


I made the top from this fantastic crepe de chine dragonfly fabric from fabricland. I wanted to buy the ostrich feather fabric in the link but they had sold out and then this caught my eye. I got the last 1.70 m off the roll which was perfect for the top.
I cut a straight size 10, which fitted perfectly. The design of the blouse means it is very unfitted at the front, so much so that you would flash everything to all of you don’t add a stitch at the front.
When I made the sleeves I was worried they were a little tight so I tacked them on first to try on before I serged them and was pleased to find they fitted well.


I love the design of this shirt and received a lot of compliments at work when I wore it. Little features like the ruched shoulder seams and pleats on the sleeves made my colleagues surprised to hear I had made it.


I will definitely make another Anderson blouse, fabric is on my sewing desk ready (spotty in case I get it finished this month!!) (this has now become a sew over it shorts playsuit) But would make it a little longer next time. The finished length is fine when the hem is pulled tight and worn high on the waist but most my trousers are low waisted so this doesn’t always work for me.
The instructions for this top are interesting to say the least, it’s a really quick make but I read the instructions half a dozen times and couldn’t understand the description to make the facing or the casing for the ribbon at the hem. In the end I threw out the instructions and made my own casing design. I am not the only one with this issue, ciara also struggled with this… not just me!!

The skirt pattern is the Sew House Seven Alberta street pencil skirt.
This skirt has great reviews as being a quick make…..but it was a nightmare for me! I only didn’t throw it in my ufo pile because of this competition.

I used another fabric land fabric in navy blue which is Sturdy cotton weave and looks smart now finished.
I cut a size 8 as the pattern tells you to measure your body and go by that. An 8 says hips 39″ and waist 28 1/2″, I measure hips 39″ and waist 29″ so sounded good to go.
The pattern also says not to be put off if it looks snug, it will fit fine…..I added a little extra when I cut out as not convinced.
I tacked the side seams and added the waist band to test it and found the front panel fitted perfectly but I had a gap of 5cm for my bum to hang out the back!!
I used the back pattern piece to recreate the side curve and made up two small sections to add on either side.


I think I got away with it in the end, but swore a little to get to the finished garment. I had to unpick the seams to add in the new sections, then unpick them again to add in the pockets and again to add the waist band….I found my fabric did not like this at all and kept fraying. The waist band actually fitted so I had to grade in the extra section at the top.
By the time I had finished the inside looked a huge mess….Thank goodness for my overlocker that saved the day.

Although I am not convinced by the sizing chart, I do think the instructions were really clear on this pattern and had I not sewn the sides to test the fit it would have been a quick make. I wore this to work today and it was comfortable but smart for the office, I had no comments which my husband interpreted as “must have looked like a rtw item”!

I might make the jacket to match the skirt but want to see how well this fabric washes first before I spend too long battling with fraying fabric!

That’s all from me for now, thanks for having a look and feel free to check out my other posts.

I won two pdf patterns from designer stitch so will let you know what I ordered soon.

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