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Another Book Purchase!

Sorry for the lack of posts, our computer broke and we had to survive a week without the internet!!

Luckily before it crashed I managed to order a couple of new books! I bought a set of notebooks from and the new Chloe Owens book ‘All sewn up’.

I love this whole book and not sure where to start! I really like the cushions but think I might need to start with these dolls as both my daughter and son have placed their orders!

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Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother’s day to all the other Mummy’s out there! Hope you all had a lovely day and were spoilt as much I was.

I wanted to show you the cards I made for my mum and mum-in-law. Inspiration was gained from the card below:

and my cards below:

I used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine to attach the fabric to the card and then cut out some Cath Kidston fabric to spell Mum and used straight stitch to attach this to the card.

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DIY Wrapping Paper

Question: What do you do when it’s 9pm the night before your son has to go to a birthday party and you go to wrap the present to find no wrapping paper?

Answer: You might think drive to the 24 hr shop and buy some (but not possible after a glass of wine) so the result was DIY wrapping paper designed by our daughter.

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Princess Jasmine costume


My daughter asked me to make her a princess jasmine costume!

I managed to get a pattern from ebay all the way from Australia as the pattern is now discontinued in England!

The pattern only cost me $5 though and already cut out. Unfortunately it was only in size 3 but as my daughter is quite small for her age I think I will get away without having to resize!

I’ll post a photo when it is finished!

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Rowan Kidsilk Haze Shawl

I made two of these beautiful lace knit shawls – one for my mum in Majestic (Mulberry colour) and this one below in Ice Cream.

They took me ages to complete as they have hundreds of stitches and if you make a mistake it is really difficult to unpick as the fibres start to blend together.

It was lovely to be able to knit with quality yarn though, especially when you have been used to cheap 99p a ball wool for making toys. The wool is from Rowan and is a blend of super kid mohair and silk and is really fine.

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Kirsty Allsop Inspired Teddy

This is Ted – Jacob’s teddy bear.

I bought the pattern from Alice’s bear shop, as seen on Kirsty Allsop’s home made home, and then bought the fabric and cotter pins separately. It was quite a simple pattern to follow with just a few fiddly bits like his foot and hand pads and ears.

I shaved some of the fabric round his muzzle to give him some more character.

He has glass eyes and suede paws so not very practical for a little boy but too cute not to make!!

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Loopy Ring

I made this ring in the summer when I restocked my bead collection and decided to buy some new ring shanks. I have always liked looped rings so decided to give it ago.

The green beads are an amazing colour and don’t show up well in this photo – they green and blue with clear streaks through them and the colour really stands out against the pink ones.

Unfortunately some of the colour started to rub off these beads when they got wet – again another lesson learnt to buy glass beads and not plastic ones! Especially after all the effort of making the ring.

I have made two other rings like this for friends – one with pearl beads and another with some great blue beads.

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Gillian Gladrag – Felt Bag

I love this bag and hopefully one day I’ll get to use it!! I just need to be brave enough (and have enough hours to myself) to get on with it and start felting!!

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Butterfly Cards

Here is a picture of three cards I made today.

I recently bought a set of paper cutters from Lidl and wanted to try them out. I have used an edge cutter to cut out hearts down the side.

I cut out a butterfly shape from corrugated cardboard and pink tissue paper and then used sticky foam pads to glue them together and onto the card.

To finish them off I add some seed beads on jewellery wire to make up the body of the butterfly and brushed the cards with fine card making glitter.

Below is a picture of most of the materials you need to make one yourself. Have a go…. quick to make and more personal then Clinton cards!!

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Oh la la Pen Cover

Burlesque beauty pen cover – add some excitement to your pens!! This was from a Mollie Makes magazine and I couldn’t resist making one – it certainly adds some entertainment to meetings.

I had such positive feedback from friends at work I even made one as a Christmas present – personalised of course with hairstyle and clothes to match my friend.

Cheeky Peek……

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