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Emily Peacock Love Tattoo Tapestry – work in progress

on March 4, 2012

This is a photo of my Emily Peacock design tapestry  – almost completed! I started it in the summer and have done almost all of the main picture but need to get myself inspired enough to spend hours stitching the background colour!!

I bought the tapestry chart from Miso Funky and then bought the canvas on ebay. All the tapestry wool was bought from Hobbycraft (Anchor Tapestry Wool) as it would have cost a lot of money to purchase Appletons crewel wool!

I did not use a frame when stitching this pattern as the canvas and wool do not go out of shape like cotton embroidery. I plan to frame this and hang it in the lounge when it is finished – I considered making it into a cushion but could not bear the thought of the cats sitting on it or the kids throwing it on the floor!!

One response to “Emily Peacock Love Tattoo Tapestry – work in progress

  1. Fiona Taylor says:

    It takes forever, doesn’t it? I am still only halfway through an embroidery started last summer (Tigger for baby grandaughter) – it is 16 point aida, single thread so very tiny stitches which I struggle to see.

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