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My First Ever Craft Project – Felt Baby Booties

I am so proud of these little shoes as they were the first thing I ever made. I can’t remember where the pattern came from – it was out of a magazine but I didn’t buy crafty magazines then so it’s a bit of a mystery!!

I used glitter felt to make these ones – red for the outside and white inside. I made these when I was pregnant but as we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl I had to play it safe. I was very tempted by the pink glitter felt (and as it turned out I could have made them in pink!).

I am particularly proud of these little bird booties considering I had never made anything before. Our Daughter now uses these booties for her dolls.

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How to make a Lanyard

I have moved office at work and now need my ID pass to get out of my office to the toilet block!! Therefore I need to wear my ID at all times and can’t just keep it attached to my bag for lunchtime access in and out! This has led me to make a lanyard to wear at work, and thought I would share the instructions with you all.

You will need:

-fabric of your choice


-tape measure

-fabric marker

-set square

– pins

-lanyard clip

-sewing machine and thread.


Mark a line 6cm off the edge of the fabric approx 90 cm long (or length that you would prefer for your lanyard). Cut this piece of fabric out.


Fold the fabric in half with right sides together. Pin together.


Sew down the edge of the two raw edges with 1.5 cm seam allowance in a straight stitch. Leave ends open, and ensure one end is slightly narrower then the other.


Press seam open and then trim the seam allowance back to approx 0.5mm.


This is the fiddly bit and will require some patience – you need to turn it right side out by pulling the fabric from inside the tube. I find using tweezers makes this a much easier task.

Alternatively, instead of sewing down the long edge and turning inside out, you could fold the fabric with wrong sides together, tucking one edge under and then sew the length. This would create the same shape, but have stitch marks down the front.

6. Once turned right side out, place ring or lanyard clip over fabric and then insert narrow end into wider end and sew together to make a loop.


Fold Lanyard in half with seam at the top, and ring at the bottom. Pin fabric together and sew across to keep the ring in one place.

8. Et voilà! Complete!

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My Re-Organised Craft Corner(s)

I felt the time had come to re-organise my craft corner!! As you can see I have quite a few books (approx 35 here alone!) and loads of necklaces! I decided to put some of my fabric on display to inspire me and remind me of what I had stashed away!

The cross stitches were completed by my mother in law for our two children. I store all my beads and jewellery making bits and pieces in the glass jars.

The tall vase holds all my knitting needles and doubles up as a necklace holder. Some of the necklaces I have made and the others come from my friend’s business All that Glitters

My glass holds all my rings and hair grips. The owl is something I made ages ago from one of my felt books – it’s meant to be an egg cover but too cute to get egg on, so lives on my shelf!!

My Lovely husband put up all my glass shelves, including this one above the door (which holds my three sewing boxes). They aren’t very attractive but I need them to hold my jewellery making tools and wire etc, findings, threads for my machine and extra beads that don’t go in my jars.

This desk is on the other side of the bedroom, so basically I have taken over our whole bedroom!! The desk is from Ikea, as is the chair (one from our dining table set) but my husband re-upholstered them in oil cloth from John Lewis. The bigger draw is full of fabric and more books! and the small draw has all my scissors, tape measure and pencils. The longer draw has lots of bits for projects like the freebies from Mollie Makes, purse handles, Gillian Gladrag Felt kits, jewellery mat and tins with buttons and threads.

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My Favourite Trousers

I love these trousers!! I made them after completing a sewing course and felt brave enough to use fabric that cost more then £3 a metre!!

I used Amy Butler Sari Blooms in Raspberry, after I saw a pair of trousers on the Amy Butler website and needed to find a  pattern and make them.

The picture I saw had the trim on the hems like this, but when you buy the fabric this edging runs down the selvedge edge, so I had to cut it off and sew it on afterwards. I inserted a zip on the side and additional darts on the front to make them fit better and I am really pleased with them.

I always get complimented wearing these, either at home, or at work with a suit jacket!!

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Me-Made-May Challenge

I love this idea and have signed up myself!! Best get crafting to see me through the month of May!!

I, Jenny Smith , sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear a different piece of clothing or accessories made by me each day for the duration of May 2012′


One of the things I love about blogging is reading all of the other things that people are up to and whilst surfing around last night I found this blog post  which offers up a challenge called Me-Made-May. Please use the link to read all about it and join in. Here is my pledge to join:

‘I, Jo of sewmuchchoice, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear one different handmade item each day for the duration of May 2012’

I intend to document my progress once a week where I will share photographs of what I have worn, my items will include:

1) Knitted items

2) Sewn items

3) Upcycled items

4) Jewelry and other accessories

The challenge will start on the 1st of May so I will post when I have started and as I go on….wish me luck.


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First Necklace from the Craft box

This is the first piece of jewellery to emerge from the birthday craft box – we have jewel bracelets, sweet necklaces and more badges to come!!

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Introducing Lexi and Eleanor

I made these toys for my daughter a while ago – inspired by a Japanese book on toy monsters.

Eleanor, the smaller one, has felt flower eyes and rosy felt cheeks (similar to those on the Chloe Owens dolls).

Lexi is created from different elements of toys that my daughter loved – like the eyes and mouth. The mouth has a pocket inside so she can hide her treasures from her brother!

The book showed one crafter that used pictures from her children and created them into toys – I love this idea and have collected many sketches from my daughter with plans to turn into toys and needlecraft pictures.

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Making Magazine Competition….to enter or not?

I was reading through my latest Making Magazine (issue 20) and they are offering another competition to design and make something and send it in.

The competition is to design something for the nursery, baby or toddler – so basically a huge area of choose and the entrants will be judged by Lisa Lam (who has just had a baby, hence theme)

First prize includes a Janome sewing machine (not likely but you need to have hope!) and all the others include baby items – I don’t need them any more but my closest friend is pregnant so sure I could pass them on!!

I thought about entering the last competition they had to design a doorstop but pulled out at the last minute. I need to push myself to try new things and designing something myself would definitely be something new.

I love craft and making things but I have never designed anything – I’m not actually that artistic which is why I tend to stick to craft that involves following instructions i.e. knitting and sewing.

Many years ago when our daughter was born I saw a great design for a baby travel play mat/bag in an old book or magazine – I never got round to making it but always loved the concept. So I think I will put some effort into working out how it was made and have a go at quilting to make the play mat side.

If I ever get started I will post any photos or sketches.

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Making Magazine Cushion

When I received the Making magazine below through my letterbox I was really inspired to make the cushion on the cover.

I bought a plain green cushion from Ikea and used some of my felt from my fabric stash to create the cushion below. I get lots of positive comments about how bright and cheerful this cushion is.

I used wooden buttons from fabricland instead of the homemade ones used in the magazine. After making this cushion, I was inspired to use this flower design to create a ring.


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Survived the Birthday Party

We made it through our daughter’s 6th birthday party yesterday. Jasmine costume complete (picture to be uploaded later) even if I was still sewing the headband at breakfast yesterday!!

She has come home with a large box full of crafty things – bangles to decorate, badge makers, colouring sets and hand print sets – not sure who is more excited – her or me!!!

We have already made a few badges this morning!!

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