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Making Magazine Competition….to enter or not?

on April 6, 2012

I was reading through my latest Making Magazine (issue 20) and they are offering another competition to design and make something and send it in.

The competition is to design something for the nursery, baby or toddler – so basically a huge area of choose and the entrants will be judged by Lisa Lam (who has just had a baby, hence theme)

First prize includes a Janome sewing machine (not likely but you need to have hope!) and all the others include baby items – I don’t need them any more but my closest friend is pregnant so sure I could pass them on!!

I thought about entering the last competition they had to design a doorstop but pulled out at the last minute. I need to push myself to try new things and designing something myself would definitely be something new.

I love craft and making things but I have never designed anything – I’m not actually that artistic which is why I tend to stick to craft that involves following instructions i.e. knitting and sewing.

Many years ago when our daughter was born I saw a great design for a baby travel play mat/bag in an old book or magazine – I never got round to making it but always loved the concept. So I think I will put some effort into working out how it was made and have a go at quilting to make the play mat side.

If I ever get started I will post any photos or sketches.

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