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How to make a Lanyard

on April 22, 2012

I have moved office at work and now need my ID pass to get out of my office to the toilet block!! Therefore I need to wear my ID at all times and can’t just keep it attached to my bag for lunchtime access in and out! This has led me to make a lanyard to wear at work, and thought I would share the instructions with you all.

You will need:

-fabric of your choice


-tape measure

-fabric marker

-set square

– pins

-lanyard clip

-sewing machine and thread.


Mark a line 6cm off the edge of the fabric approx 90 cm long (or length that you would prefer for your lanyard). Cut this piece of fabric out.


Fold the fabric in half with right sides together. Pin together.


Sew down the edge of the two raw edges with 1.5 cm seam allowance in a straight stitch. Leave ends open, and ensure one end is slightly narrower then the other.


Press seam open and then trim the seam allowance back to approx 0.5mm.


This is the fiddly bit and will require some patience – you need to turn it right side out by pulling the fabric from inside the tube. I find using tweezers makes this a much easier task.

Alternatively, instead of sewing down the long edge and turning inside out, you could fold the fabric with wrong sides together, tucking one edge under and then sew the length. This would create the same shape, but have stitch marks down the front.

6. Once turned right side out, place ring or lanyard clip over fabric and then insert narrow end into wider end and sew together to make a loop.


Fold Lanyard in half with seam at the top, and ring at the bottom. Pin fabric together and sew across to keep the ring in one place.

8. Et voilà! Complete!

One response to “How to make a Lanyard

  1. Trina says:

    So thats what a lanyard is!! Matches your trousers too!

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