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Jasmine Costume Photo at Last

Sorry for the delay in uploading a photo of the finished outfit – I didn’t actually manage to get a photo of her modelling it very well so might get her to pose for me again!

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Happy Cat!

I’m glad to see that our cat Phoebe appreciates my crafty cushions – this flower one is her favourite!!

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Disaster with Competition Entry

I was doing so well with the baby blanket – I have sewn on half the petals for the quilted pocket, cut out clouds and rain drops ready to sew………and then my sewing machine has seized up!!

I was half way through the penultimate petal of the evening and the needle kept jamming.

I need to dedicate some time (very soon) to service the poor machine and hope it starts to work again!!

I might spend some time making the sun (I plan to make this from lots of Suffolk Puffs) which I can make by hand!

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Competition Entry Started

I have decided to enter the Lisa Lam competition and started my project – a quilt play mat which folds up into a bag.

I have bought the fabric and cut out the main sections and petals for the quilted pocket – just need to start sewing them on!!

I have bought pre-quilted white fabric, blue fleece for the play mat side, floral fabric for the pocket and have dug out other fabric to design the play mat side.

I plan to line the inside of the pocket and then quilt petals in circles on the outside of the pocket (or that is the plan!)

I have a deadline of 31st May to work too, so need to get on with this!! Wish me luck!!


Red booties for Scarlett

My friend at work became a Grandmother last week so I offered to make her some little booties – and as her Granddaughter was called Scarlett to make them in red wool.

I used a pattern from Lois Daykin’s Baby Knits which I have used a few times. It is a very simple and quick pattern and you can change the design by adding straps, ruffles at the front or ruffles all round.

I used Peter Pan Sweetheart Double knitting wool in shade 1608 (31 rows x 22 st – 10cm x 10cm) and bought two little butterfly buttons.

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Dusted off my Ashford Spinning Wheel!

I have been asked to put on a session about spinning (wool not cycling!!) at the next ladies group at my church! For some reason I said ‘yes’ and then remembered I can’t actually spin wool!!


I bought my beautiful Ashford spinning wheel when I was pregnant with our son – who will be 4 in August – and used to go to a spinners and weavers group when he was a little baby but never quite mastered the spinning wheel.

I bought one as I was really into knitting and it was the only way I could see that I could afford to use 100% wool!

With the deadline looming (2 weeks time) I have given it a polish and oiled it – and practising the rhythm for the pedal! I’ll let you know how I get on!

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