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2016 Challenge

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you had a lovely time with your friends and family and remembered the reason for season!

I have made quite a few gifts over the last few weeks but couldn’t post them until after I had given them. I’ll start to add posts over the next week of items I remembered to take photos before gifting!

I had a thought today while looking around a shop for clothes in the sale…..I could make most of these clothes myself from better quality fabric and more unique designs……why do I continue to buy from shops.

Half my wardrobe is made by me now, I just need to master trousers and t shirts to be shop free.
Therefore I have decided to set myself a challenge for 2016 to not buy any clothes for myself in a shop. I have enough jeans etc to survive a week without buying more and could invest the money spent on beautiful fabrics.

I am hoping that by making a public declaration I will be more inclined to follow through with this challenge. I would love to hear about anyone else who has tried this before or would like to join me in this plan.

Happy New year…..Happy New wardrobe!!

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