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Ufo found from 2014!

Source: Ufo found from 2014!

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Duffle coat update


My coat has sleeves and toggles….. Well actually it got these for Christmas and I have failed to move it forward since then. 
I am far too easily distracted so this coat has been a big ask for me,  hours have gone into it and I still can’t wear it.  I had to add gussets under the arms to the pattern as I had restricted movement and I’m pleased with how these turned out.
I have added a zip and placket with faux leather toggles.


Once the hood is attached that’s all the outside shell completed.
I stopped for a few reasons,  firstly because I started to think about shoulder pads and lining the body which isn’t part of the instructions so threw me.  Then secondly because I started to think about party dresses and they are quick to make and offer positive reward!!
My mother in law lent me books on lining and I decided to look into doctors flannel,  whatever that is, but not for the arms as they still feel pretty fitted and don’t want them too tight.
My husband has subtly suggested I should finish this coat before any other projects…. Having made two dresses this week!
I might get the lining made and then make a final decision on the interlining.
Have any of you made this coat or a similar one?  Did you interline it for warmth?

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McCalls M6015 party dress


My mum gave me an old duvet that she no longer used but thought it would make a lovely dress for my daughter.

I recently bought McCalls M6015 to make my God daughter a little dress, I hadn’t learnt to Sew when my girl was a baby so missed out on making cute outfits.
It’s her birthday in two weeks time so thought I would make her a party dress using the fabric donated by my mum.


I managed to make this dress from just two pillow cases and had to buy some red cotton for the lining and a zip.



I made view C as I loved the look of the
Cute cap sleeves.  These turned out well but were incredibly fiddly due to the size of them.  Think hundreds of pins sticking into your hand while trying to move the fabric so small it wouldn’t fit on the arm of my machine even with the freearm removed.


The back has a zip fastening and bow,  excuse my efforts to make a pretty bow!!


I am going to pop over this week and check it fits….. Moment of truth!! The pattern sizing is based on height and weight so it should be a good fit.  X


Flamingo mad!

Hi everyone

I have had a big clear out of my wardrobe and realised how many hand made items I have that I wear every day…. And of which I have not added to my blog.

I have decided that I will start to add them with details of the pattern over the next few weeks.

First up is my favorite item….. My flamingo pencil skirt.

This was made to wear to my friends 30th party and joined me at a hen do in Brighton…. It’s a bit bright so a bit much for day wear! 10929175_698626623596709_4292385823354829519_o

I used a pattern by Simple Sew two in one skirt collection that came free with love sewing magazine.

I made the version with the cute bow the back.1454700142186-897490743

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