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Flo dress from love sewing magazine

on April 1, 2016



Well here it is,  this is the dress my daughter wanted me to make for her to match my Goddaughter’s dress. 
The fabric is an old duvet cover my mum gave to me.

Chloe chose to put the red spots on the bottom half and floral on top.
They pattern is really simple,  which was good as it only went up to a size 6 and she is 10 next week.
Luckily she is very petite for her age and can sometimes measure up as an age 4 or 6. I just altered the bodice size slightly and the skirt is just a rectangle and two squares.



I didn’t have a zip the correct size and she was too impatient to wait for me to get to the fabric shop so I added buttons on the back instead.
I created a placket in the polka dot fabric to help it fit as my bodice adjustments weren’t big enough.  I think I got away with it!!
The top half is lined with the floral print but I left the skirt unlined.


One response to “Flo dress from love sewing magazine

  1. That is such a cute dress 😃

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