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Competition time…Edinburgh knitting and stitching show

on April 21, 2016

Hi all
Some of you will have seen my last post about winning amazing tickets to the Edinburgh knitting and stitching show from love sewing magazine and my sad dilemma that Bournemouth on the south coast is too far to travel to Scotland.


Therefore I have decided to give these tickets away.

If you would like a chance to have these tickets for the bank holiday weekend 28th April to the 2nd May 2016 then post me a comment telling me who you would take and why?


I will decide a winner by Saturday 23rd April and put them in the post.


9 responses to “Competition time…Edinburgh knitting and stitching show

  1. Lesley King says:

    At the moment I have to take my 3 week old daughter because she is apparently incapable of being held by any other member of my family. Hopefully if I win the tickets though I should also find space in my car for my mother in law – although my father in law thinks I’m a bad influence on her because I encourage her to buy things! 🙂

  2. Claire Ross says:

    I was just about to go on line and order my tickets when I spotted your giveaway. My mum and her friend Jean and I were planning to go. We have a ‘sewing bee’ on a Monday afternoon at my mums house. On a good day we do some sewing, other days we eat lunch, drink tea, eat cake and blether ! I volunteered to buy the tickets so maybe I would only need to get the one!! All the more to spend on goodies when we get there!!

  3. Linda Fleming says:

    If I won I would give the tickets to my dear mother-in-law (she lives in Edinburgh) and knits fantastic Arran sweaters for all her family. I’m sure her daughter, who is a fantastic sewer, would love to go with her.

  4. amcclure2014 says:

    I wasn’t originally going to go but now I can. I was just about to buy tickets for Friday. I’d invite my elderly mother along as Edinburgh is within easy travelling distance of her whereas Harrogate and London are not.

  5. And the winner is………

    …….Lesley King. Any one who would think to get on with things you love such as going to a sewing show with a three week old baby in tow is my kind of person!! My kids join us wherever we go even from a few weeks old. Enjoy lesley, send me your address to my email and I’ll get them in the post xx

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