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I won a competition!

on April 21, 2016

I actually won!!  I came home yesterday from work to find I had a won two complimentary tickets to the knitting and stitching show over the bank holiday weekend.


I had apparently entered a competition with love sewing magazine for entry to the show….I know I entered for a few other things like fabric and patterns but must have entered this as well.

I got very excited and started to look into getting to Edinburgh and planning my shopping list when it dawned on me how far away at live from Scotland!!  Bournemouth to Edinburgh is unfortunately not cheap by plane and takes a day by train or car.

Therefore I have reluctantly decided to give these tickets away….. I will post a competition post shortly…..


2 responses to “I won a competition!

  1. Lesley King says:

    Sorry you can’t go but it is a rare occasion that we have an event in Edinburgh that those in the south are jealous of!

  2. I would love to go to Edinburgh too as looks like an amazing place but we had to go to Holland last weekend at the last minute to see family so not really fair to leave the dogs with someone again either!! And flights x4 people becomes very expensive!

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