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St George’s Day

on April 24, 2016

We spent a great morning watching the beavers,  cubs and scouts parade through the town,  supporting our son who was made Lodge leader today.


They were very lucky with the weather,  although a little chilly at times the sun was certainly shining.


There was a huge number of scouts which was lovely to see them all together in support of  St George’s Day.

It also made us stop and appreciate the place that we are so lucky to live in.  The gardens and band stand looked great in the sunshine and we were a very short walk to the beach.


Bournemouth council has recently installed a water play area at pier approach right in front of the beach near the cafés and huge merry-go-round. 
Feeling blessed!

2 responses to “St George’s Day

  1. You must have been so proud of your son 🙂 The water play are looks so much fun -)

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