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Sew Awesome app

on May 2, 2016

I was so excited to find this app today that I have to share it with everyone.
I wanted a way of storing information on the patterns and fabric I own as I have too many and lose track.
I searched on Android play on the off chance and then Sew Awesome app came up!


It allows you to save details including photos of patterns,  fabric,  threads, needles etc.


I have only added three patterns so far but it was super easy.


This way I know what amount of fabric and notions are needed when browsing the fabric shop.
I loaded up a free version but would recommend stretching to the £3 pro version as this gets rid of annoying advertising and enables you to search which for me would be vital.

Go and check it out 🙂


7 responses to “Sew Awesome app

  1. Great, thanks for sharing. All we need now is a knitting app too😃

  2. I went off afterwards and managed to find one and I’ve put a couple of projects on there! What I would really like is for Ravelry to bring out an app and make their site a lot more user friendly!

    • I thought they would have one being such a well known site x

      • Sadly,no, they seem to be a bit behind in the technology department!

      • Cheryl says:

        I think Ravelry decided to concentrate on being the best online resource – they really don’t have the staff to do everything. There are several apps made by others that work with Ravelry but I’ve never tried them. I generally just connect to the internet using wifi on my phone if I need Ravelry when away from my computer.

        Wondering if you still use and like the Sew Awesome app – any chance of a follow up report? I just found it today and hope it will get me organized – luckily I don’t have nearly any sewing stash so it will be easy to get started with it.

      • I still use it every day, it saves me so much time looking for pattern inspiration and matching up my fabric stash. It does take up a lot of space on the memory of my phone as I need to keep the photos on my phone to make them show up on my app. I think some of that is down to my phone not being that great but have chosen to keep the app over Facebook and another dozen apps!!

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