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Me made May…..

on June 1, 2016

I have been terrible at posting this month and this was made worse by the fact that I joined in with me made May and stuck with it for the whole month but didn’t share any of it.
My aim is to get round to photographing my outfits on my bodyform so you all can see the hidden gems in my wardrobe.
Joining in has made me realise how many dresses I have made and how few tops and skirts/trousers I have.

Luckily over at the monthly stitch Indie pattern swap my partner sent me a fab Agnes top to make from tilly and the buttons.


And today I went out and bought an overlocker that actually works.  I bought a second hand huskylock and battled with it for 18 months -2 years but 6 months ago I took it to one of my sewing lessons and not even the teacher could get it to work.  A service would cost more than I bought it for so finally agreed to give it up.
And this is the beauty that now sits on my desk….


I got it in a local sewing shop Hanson fabrics who were brilliant.  They spent an hour with me going through all the features and will do that any time I need them to and are on the end of the phone if I have any questions.  They also run a day course on using an overlocker that I will probably go on.

Plus I finally took up my husband’s jeans so he’s happy too!!!

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