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Aggghh, when sewing goes wrong!!

on September 3, 2016

I had such high hopes this morning for my sewing project,  cracking the sew over it silk cami.
This should be a simple make but I seem to have turned it into a n impossible monster!!



I bought the silk cami kit from the website for my birthday but as the fabric it came with is so lovely and soft I wanted to ensure the fit first.
I cut the pattern between a size 10 and 12 as that matched my measurements. I couldn’t trace the brown paper the pattern came on to my pattern paper so cut the actual pattern… there was my first mistake.
The version I made from cheap polyester fabric was too tight across the bust area which never happens to me as an A cup when all patterns are designed for B-C cup.
This top has been relegated to nightwear as it’s okay without a bra underneath!
This morning I sat and traced out a new pattern adding what would have been the full size 12 markings (approx 1.5cm on the width) and set to work on a polyester chiffon fabric.


I French seamed the sides,  overlocked the facing and started to sew the armholes and neck.  When I got to the back neckline I suddenly realised it didn’t line up. Aggghh!


I unpicked the armholes and where the two facing pieces joined assuming I had added the facing on upside-down…. I went to turn it over and realised it was much worse than that!
When I had traced the pattern I picked up the front piece twice!!! I had actually traced two matching front sections!
I just about managed to cut out a second front facing from the remaining fabric ( but this involved cutting out two pieces and sewing together).
I ploughed on accepting the top would have a lower back then planned.
As I had French seamed the facing I had to overlock the new piece as not much fabric left to sew!


Spot the difference


This is actually the back

Well the top is finished and it fits which is better than #01. However,  for some unfathomable reason the thread is incredibly tight on the neck and shoulders which makes it really uncomfortable.  I used my walking foot due to the slippery fabric and adjusted the foot pressure and tension looked right so I am at a loss.  Maybe it was the cheap cotton,  any suggestions?

So feeling very fed up now,  wasted a few hours and no new top for my wardrobe in that lovely pink bird fabric!!

8 responses to “Aggghh, when sewing goes wrong!!

  1. Naomi says:

    No helpful suggestions sorry – but I feel your pain!

  2. Lynsey Welch says:

    The fabric looks lovely and glad it fits better, im not sure on why it’s so tightness either, you could you bias binding rather than facings? Hope your next one is spot on.

  3. Like Lynsey says the facing seems to be holding it tight. A bias binding would have a bit more give. You certainly don’t want it tight!

  4. I think it was the needle…. I forgot to change it after two projects! I have pulled the armholes and neck to snap the stitches and then top stitched it, which seems to have worked!! Need to think about how to finish the facing now as you can see through the fabric. I might cut it back like bias binding and try and salvage this top yet!!

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