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Little denim dungarees


My friend asked me in the summer if I could sew my god-daughter a little dungaree dress with cross over straps. Of course I agreed and went searching for a suitable pattern.
I found this McCall pattern and used view c.




This was a lovely design with built in knickers to cover up her nappy. I used rainbow gross grain ribbon to bind the leg edges and trim the dress, and found rainbow buttons to tie in the theme.


100 posts published!


Wow!! 100 posts written….here’s to the next 100!!


Is it a cheetah, is it a leopard… No it’s ziggy!


This is my latest creation,  made yesterday evening in an hour and a half.  Our greyhound cross saluki gets a bit cold in the winter and starts to look a bit miserable,  so I decided to draft a pattern for him a few years ago.


He is very spoilt,  hence having a cuddle on the sofa, and now has three jumpers and a wax jacket.


The jumpers have a funnel neck,  sleeves and tummy section which can be slipped on and off. The design only takes 1m of fabric so a very cheap make.



His wax jacket is fleece lined inside and has buckles to join the underneath section to the main body as the fabric is less flexible.  This was awful to sew as the fabric was really oily and made my machine greasy but worth it for the finished article.  It looks really smart and lasted three years so far.


He has two elmer themed jumpers…these get him a lot of attention on dog walks!


Autumn flowers

Kate jersey dress

I love bright colours and florals, whatever time of year – I just pair with tights and big boots in the winter. I got the Kate dress pattern from Simple Sew with Love Sewing magazine that I have delivered.

I had shelved this pattern with many other dress patterns in my stash as the front image didn’t really stand out to me.

Girl Charlee had a sale a few weeks ago and on the e-mail they showed this great coral floral jersey that got me inspired, I trawled through my stash to find a suitable pattern to go with it. I found a couple of wrap dresses but dismissed these as I don’t think they suit me with being small busted and large hipped. Then i re-visited this pattern and googled images of this pattern others had made up which produced images of great dresses such as Sew sweet by Sally and Creative Little Cwtch.

pinned together

This is the dress before I finished sewing it together – i tend to pin pieces together on my model and adjust on that rather than trying on all the time as it’s a pretty good representation of my body shape.


This photo still has the arms pinned on and no hem – I am afraid I haven’t managed to photograph it completely finished – maybe I’ll actually model it at some point and post as this is such a lovely dress and great fit.

I used full length arms and added cuffs, like on my coco dress. I also took heed of Creative little Cwtch’s hints and made the back ties a bit longer to make it easier to tie up.

I ordered 2 metres of fabric to make this dress and still had all this left over – I never understand how patterns come up with the fabric quantities that they state.

left overs




Coco Crazy


A little while a go I won a voucher for Girl Charlee from Sewing Made Simple magazine and went a bit bad on buying up jersey fabric!

I then needed to hunt down a suitable pattern to use all this lovely fabric on – after a few great suggestions from other bloggers I decided on the Tilly and the Buttons Coco top and dress.

Coco Funnel neck dress

This is the first Coco I have made – it looks neon orange in this photo but it’s actually a coral colour – still bright but not that bad! This is a lovely sweatshirt fabric and is so comfortable to wear.

I opted for the funnel neck and long sleeves with cuffs, this pattern offers so many variations I can see myself using it again and again.

long sleeves and cuffs

Twin needle finish

I used my trusty twin needle to finish the hem which gives a RTW finish. I cut a size 4 for this but increased to a size 5 for the hip area.

Having already cut the pattern for the dress I set to work on Coco number two – the top version. Again with Girl charlee sweatshirt fabric, but this time from their sale at only £5 for the last metre.

cutting out

This fabric has super soft fleece inside and as it’s so wide i managed to cut the top out of just 1 m, much less than the packet tells you that you need. As I had cut the pattern for the dress I just folded it up to the top length and used 3/4 length sleeves to fit it on the stripes evenly.


back view

It all came together quickly, an afternoons work, but the speed meant I didn’t stop to try it on. I figured I had the correct stable sweatshirt fabric required and had already cut one of these patterns that fitted…..big mistake!

I went to put it on the model and it was a tad tight…….I could put it on but not really move my arms forward 😦

matching stripes


So gutting after matching all my stripes so well and that oh so lovely soft fleecy inside……luckily my friend is a good size or two smaller than me, so she got a surprise gift the next day at church!!



Sunday Selfless Sewing

The other week I visited a new sewing shop in town, Zebedees. This is by no means a new shop – it has been there for a very long time but last time i went it was to buy some felt to make a gingerbread man costume for the kids and it was very much an upholstery shop. They still have an upholstery section at the back but they have now revamped the front and filled it with beautiful fabric.

I walked around and around like some addict trying to work out what I could buy and for what purpose – I have learnt to only buy fabric with a project in mind to keep me on track… comes my Sew Awesome app on my mobile – all my patterns with fabric amounts and notions at the tip of my fingers.

I found some lovely red and green tweed that I almost bought to make a Simple Sew pencil skirt but as it was not machine washable i bravely walked away.

Instead I found some lovely floral cotton fabric that reminded me of Liberty print but at only £6.99 a metre a little more affordable. I matched it with some bright pink cotton fabric – so only £8 for the whole dress. i figure I need to keep making pretty little dresses while my daughter still wants them and is pleased to wear them.

I decided on pattern M7346 and my daughter decided on view D with the little ruffles on the sleeves, similar to the dress i made in April for her birthday (still unblogged but coming soon).

dress pattern

front yoke

front view

My daughter is 10 1/2 years old but she is a dainty little thing so she measures up as a size 6 and then I extended the length to a size 8. As it is mid October and the weather has suddenly dived in temperature she has taken to wearing this dress with her jeans and a chunky cardigan.

back view

I used my overlocker for the side seams and my machine for the rest of the dress. I am really pleased with the quality of the finish, inside and out. I made my own bias binding for the first time to neaten the armholes – I bought some bias binding makers years ago but they have sat in my desk unused. They worked so well, I will definitely make my own from now on.



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Itch to stitch lindy petal skirt


This is my itch to stitch lindy petal skirt and I love it! Free pattern,  only takes a metre of fabric and quick to make!

I got the fabric from girl charlee and as it only uses a metre it’s a really cheap make even with fabulous fabric. It’s black with pale pink spots.



I used my serger to make up the seams and waist band and a double needle for the hem.


The top in the photo above is a Kat weekend top from Designer Stitch,  one of my favourite tnt patterns.

I have a bargain metre of sweatshirt fabric from girl charlee (£5!) and debating if I should make another or try and squeeze a Coco top out of it.

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Things I have made in 2015

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Things I have made in 2014 or earlier

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Sewers block

Well, not so much sewers block but sewing my coat block!!

I started sewing a duffle coat last year in beautiful tartan,  finished the shell but then stopped at the lining as I wanted to get some shoulder pads and warm interlining.

I finally bought some interlining in March/April but then it was starting to get too warm to think of sewing a wool coat.


But now it’s October and it’s getting cold again and still haven’t finished it!

I got it back out to inspire me but it continues to hang there. I must have made about three dresses, half a dozen tops and even started knitting again to avoid making the lining!

Do any of you suffer with the same affliction?