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Sewers block

on October 11, 2016

Well, not so much sewers block but sewing my coat block!!

I started sewing a duffle coat last year in beautiful tartan,  finished the shell but then stopped at the lining as I wanted to get some shoulder pads and warm interlining.

I finally bought some interlining in March/April but then it was starting to get too warm to think of sewing a wool coat.


But now it’s October and it’s getting cold again and still haven’t finished it!

I got it back out to inspire me but it continues to hang there. I must have made about three dresses, half a dozen tops and even started knitting again to avoid making the lining!

Do any of you suffer with the same affliction?

6 responses to “Sewers block

  1. Is a gorgeous coat! Perhaps more you’ve posted about you’ll feel you have to finish it! 😉

  2. Chypimprose says:

    Wow I have not seen a coat like that ! I hope you finish it because it is certainly a one of a kind !! I have a random question for you.. Um, how many hours would you say it would take to make a 3pc pj set out of satin/silk. (Slip, robe, and pants)

    • Thank you, I do love it but that makes me want to ensure it’s perfect which is time consuming 😣
      I would guess half an hour to an hour for shorts, a couple of hours for a slip and maybe 2-3 hours for a robe. It depends if you have an overlocker as that would make it much quicker and better finish. Plus walking foot for managing the slippery fabric would help x

      • Chypimprose says:

        Yea I understand the time consuming thing! And thanks for answering me! I’m gonna be starting my own sleepwear and am trying to figure out what to pay my seamstress for my samples since I’m going to be providing all the materials she’ll need. thank you so much

  3. Chypimprose says:

    And I have to say that the first sentence had me laughing so hard!! It sounded like something I would say

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