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Itch to stitch lindy petal skirt

on October 16, 2016


This is my itch to stitch lindy petal skirt and I love it! Free pattern,  only takes a metre of fabric and quick to make!

I got the fabric from girl charlee and as it only uses a metre it’s a really cheap make even with fabulous fabric. It’s black with pale pink spots.



I used my serger to make up the seams and waist band and a double needle for the hem.


The top in the photo above is a Kat weekend top from Designer Stitch,  one of my favourite tnt patterns.

I have a bargain metre of sweatshirt fabric from girl charlee (£5!) and debating if I should make another or try and squeeze a Coco top out of it.

One response to “Itch to stitch lindy petal skirt

  1. Cute skirt! I like the double row of stitching at the hem, it makes the layers more noticeable!

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