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Coco Crazy

on October 24, 2016


A little while a go I won a voucher for Girl Charlee from Sewing Made Simple magazine and went a bit bad on buying up jersey fabric!

I then needed to hunt down a suitable pattern to use all this lovely fabric on – after a few great suggestions from other bloggers I decided on the Tilly and the Buttons Coco top and dress.

Coco Funnel neck dress

This is the first Coco I have made – it looks neon orange in this photo but it’s actually a coral colour – still bright but not that bad! This is a lovely sweatshirt fabric and is so comfortable to wear.

I opted for the funnel neck and long sleeves with cuffs, this pattern offers so many variations I can see myself using it again and again.

long sleeves and cuffs

Twin needle finish

I used my trusty twin needle to finish the hem which gives a RTW finish. I cut a size 4 for this but increased to a size 5 for the hip area.

Having already cut the pattern for the dress I set to work on Coco number two – the top version. Again with Girl charlee sweatshirt fabric, but this time from their sale at only £5 for the last metre.

cutting out

This fabric has super soft fleece inside and as it’s so wide i managed to cut the top out of just 1 m, much less than the packet tells you that you need. As I had cut the pattern for the dress I just folded it up to the top length and used 3/4 length sleeves to fit it on the stripes evenly.


back view

It all came together quickly, an afternoons work, but the speed meant I didn’t stop to try it on. I figured I had the correct stable sweatshirt fabric required and had already cut one of these patterns that fitted…..big mistake!

I went to put it on the model and it was a tad tight…….I could put it on but not really move my arms forward 😦

matching stripes


So gutting after matching all my stripes so well and that oh so lovely soft fleecy inside……luckily my friend is a good size or two smaller than me, so she got a surprise gift the next day at church!!


4 responses to “Coco Crazy

  1. Naomi says:

    Oh no!!! But at least you got to pay it forward.

  2. I don’t see that rolled-looking collar much – I like it. I going to have to make myself something like that. Sorry the other one was tight – but I am sure your friend loved it! Nice work!

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