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Is it a cheetah, is it a leopard… No it’s ziggy!

on October 26, 2016


This is my latest creation,  made yesterday evening in an hour and a half.  Our greyhound cross saluki gets a bit cold in the winter and starts to look a bit miserable,  so I decided to draft a pattern for him a few years ago.


He is very spoilt,  hence having a cuddle on the sofa, and now has three jumpers and a wax jacket.


The jumpers have a funnel neck,  sleeves and tummy section which can be slipped on and off. The design only takes 1m of fabric so a very cheap make.



His wax jacket is fleece lined inside and has buckles to join the underneath section to the main body as the fabric is less flexible.  This was awful to sew as the fabric was really oily and made my machine greasy but worth it for the finished article.  It looks really smart and lasted three years so far.


He has two elmer themed jumpers…these get him a lot of attention on dog walks!


2 responses to “Is it a cheetah, is it a leopard… No it’s ziggy!

  1. Lynsey Welch says:

    Ah he is so cute, fab jumpers and coat. A doggie needs to be cosy!

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