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It’s finished!!!! 😁


I will post a thousand decent photos at the weekend of this beautiful coat but for now I just wanted to share the news that I finally finished it.
I started this grainline cascade duffle coat a whole year ago ( I did put it down for 8-9 months over spring and summer) and it is finally completed ready for the coldest part of winter.
It’s not perfect; I’ve realised how much better my sewing quality has improved in the last year,  but it’s still my biggest sewing achievement so far (even if the armholes are a little tighter then I’d like…  No big jumpers will fit under this!!)


Made me laugh



Half term fun (and a Dungaree dress)


We had a great half term this October, generally doing very little and relaxing around at home but with the occasional day out. This allowed me the time to catch up on some quality time with hubby and the kids, get some sewing done and get some better shots of the finished item.

We went to a pick your own farm with the kids and their cousins; selecting three of their finest pumpkins to turn into Pumpkin soup and Pumpkin pie, plus a tonne of blackberries and raspberries – more went into the kids mouths then in the punnet but that’s the fun of PYI.


We had a day out at Thomas Hardy’s cottage in Dorchester, my home town, which the kids loved. Running around the woods and then exploring the cottage looking for clues – the National Trust are great at keeping the kids occupied so we adults can have a good look around without them getting bored.

The woodlands offered a great backdrop to show off my latest make – a denim dungaree dress (with TATB Agnes top underneath).

I self drafted this pattern using the skirt from New Look K6035 and then made my own bib, back and straps, plus pockets.


I used denim from Fabricland where I managed to buy the buckles and jean buttons for a few pounds. I used the left over fabric from the dress I made the other week to line the pockets, back piece and made my own bias binding for the hem.


i think i actually prefer the inside to the outside of this dress. The dress was finished with yellow top stitching on the pockets, bib and hem.