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It’s finished!!!! 😁

on November 22, 2016


I will post a thousand decent photos at the weekend of this beautiful coat but for now I just wanted to share the news that I finally finished it.
I started this grainline cascade duffle coat a whole year ago ( I did put it down for 8-9 months over spring and summer) and it is finally completed ready for the coldest part of winter.
It’s not perfect; I’ve realised how much better my sewing quality has improved in the last year,  but it’s still my biggest sewing achievement so far (even if the armholes are a little tighter then I’d like…  No big jumpers will fit under this!!)

2 responses to “It’s finished!!!! 😁

  1. sewandsnip says:

    Looks really warm, look forward to seeing more pics😀

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