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Top 5 Misses of 2016

on December 13, 2016


Number five
Tilly and the buttons coco top


This has been included due to poor size judgement!! I finished this top to a good standard with matching stripes and the softest fabric ever……and then it didn’t fit! I have since worked out that the marker I was following on my overlocker was more than 1.5 cm!!

Number four
Simple sew pussy bow blouse


This was a terrible fit on me, I had to insert pleats at the shoulders to raise the darts up but the bust was still in the wrong place. The neckline then still wouldn’t sit right. I have worn it a few times out of principle but it has gone to the charity shop now.

Number three
Sew over it silk cami top


I have since cracked this pattern and made a successful one which is yet to be blogged. I made a satin version which was far too tight so having cut out the original paper piece (doh) I had to draw out the pattern again in a larger size.
In doing this inadvertently cut out two fronts and produced the above top!!!

Number two
Kwik sew K3045


This was one of the few makes for my husband but it had more been relegated to sleepwear! I was able to run this up in just over an hour on my overlocker but the cut and design looks terrible. It’s too short in the body and wide on the chest but it does look like the packet. The key to this lesson was to avoid the big five and stick to indie pattern designers.

Number one
Simple sew skater dress


This is so bad I have no photos!! I decided to make this in cappuccino satin with lace overlay for a wedding in the summer, sounds lovely but the cut made me feel like a nine year old back in the 80/90’s!! The bodice joins at the rib cage above the waist so really unflattering on me and the lace and satin just looked flouncy!
So I decided as Christmas approached that I would tackle it again and turn it into a skirt…..


The plan was to wear it with my sparkly crop Sophia top but it still looked terrible and frumpy so I resorted in buying a RTW pleated skirt instead.



4 responses to “Top 5 Misses of 2016

  1. Lesley says:

    Ha you make mistakes similar to me!

  2. Lynsey Welch says:

    Your misses are far better than mine, I’ve have some utter disasters but it has made me realise than I need to muslin everything rather than winging it.

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