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Sew House Seven Toaster jumper #1

on December 27, 2016


I have signed up to the Sew My Style challenge and purchased two of the first three patterns; sew house seven toaster jumper and named saunio cardigan.


The toaster jumper is the January challenge so I thought I would make a practice version in December to check fit and I love the finished article.

I made this one up in fabric land scuba in navy blue with bright coloured stars on. It feels soft on the outside and fleece lined inside so really warm.
It was a quick make with only 8 pieces: front, back, two sleeves, two cuffs, a neck piece and a hem piece. I made the whole jumper on my overlocker so really neat inside as well.

The pattern tells you to use twin needles to stitch either side of each seam. I did this on the raglan shoulder seams in contrasting red thread but I think my needle was not sharp enough and it kept skipping stitches. This was a pig to unpick on this fabric and I had to finish the job using a single needle trying to keep my lines equally apart, hence why I quit at the shoulders.


4 responses to “Sew House Seven Toaster jumper #1

  1. That is really nice fabric! Sorry you had troubles with it and your needle, but you can’t notice it. I love the colourful stars!

  2. bellecitadel says:

    Hee hee, wow, you’re quick off the mark! I’m also joined up to the #sewmystyle programme and am looking forward to getting started. And now you’ve given me some advance food for thought. I really like your jumper – it’s cool retro 80s! 🙂

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