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Top 5 Reflections

on December 27, 2016

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you have a great and blessed time with family and friends. We certainly have after spending four days at my parents home…..think they are currently enjoying the peace and quiet without the kids and five dogs running around!

I thought I should finish my top five for 2016; reflections on the last year.

1. I am a selfish sewer and do not like sewing for other people.
I have made a few things for other people this year and I have to put my hand up and admit I never enjoy the process for these as much as the ones for me!! Sewing is my stress relief; after a busy day at work and getting the kids feed and into bed, sitting down to sew something for me is my reward. If the recipient doesn’t like the finished item or doesn’t wear it as often as I’d like I get a little frustrated.


2. I prefer quicker sewing projects (think an evening work rather than a week’s effort)
This is purely a time issue I think. I only have one or two hours to myself in an evening after work, dinner, kids bedtime, driving kids to this club and that club……it’s normally 8.30-9pm before I can do something I want to do. Therefore I always want to find something that I can run up in that time, cue t shirts on my overlocker.


3. I need to focus more on the fit of clothing and be more prepared to make adjustments.
I know that in 2017 I need to challenge myself to make more fitted outfits and make more effort to adjust the sewn item rather than thinking it will do once it reaches wearable status.
I have adjusted a few items this year to get a better fit, including my cascade duffle coat and ultimate trousers but need to do this more and not avoid outfits that I know will need this level of detail.
I think I might actually have to make a few toiles in 2017!!


4. I have developed a real love for jersey and stretch fabrics.
This links to number 2 and 3 = quick makes without the need to worry about fit. Plus they made really comfortable daily wear items.


5. I need to be more prepared and stop rushing projects.
This has become more paramount at this festive period when I had plans to make outfits back in the summer for Christmas party season but ended up finding sewing on the evening I was going out (twice!).
This gold sparkly top was being hemmed on the way to the hotel and due to the the last minute planning I had to buy a RTW skirt that evening as I didn’t like the lace one I had made in the photo.



5 responses to “Top 5 Reflections

  1. Lesley says:

    I’m with you on points 3, 4 and 5. I definitely developed a love for sewing with stretch this year which is all down to me finally getting to grips with my overlocker.

  2. Lynsey Welch says:

    I am so with you on number 1, my sewing time is precious and sewing for me gives me the most satisfaction, it’s a almost an antidepressant, if I haven’t sewn for a while I get cranky. I also agree with the rushing projects. I need to choose my fabric more carefully, I get frustrated making something to only find the fabrics not right or not me, which happens quite often.

  3. sewandsnip says:

    Most of last year was spent sewing for others which I loved but was definitely not so relaxing. I really need to get into some selfish sewing again to get back on track but my sewjo is in hiding!
    Here’s to us both making the best fitting things we can in 2017😃

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