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Re-crafted skirt

on January 1, 2017


Back in September we held a clothes swapping party at church to raise money for a group of volunteers going to Romania to help some of the families out there.

I managed to clear out some of the last RTW items in my wardrobe that I rarely wore and only bought home a pair of trousers,  some shorts and a jacket,  plus a large skirt that I loved the fabric on and could not resist adding to my fabric stash.

Speaking of that jacket I need to share a photo of the terrible pattern matching!!!  Have RTW items always been this bad and I never noticed!!?


Today was the day I decided to tackle the skirt.  I put it on my mannequin to consider some ideas….


I pinned the sides to make it more fitted, then once happy with the fit, used my serger to cut and stitch in one go.


I then decided to make it shorter but liked the look of the ruffled hem this skirt already had but more like the charlotte skirt.
So I cut a good few inches off the bottom.


I shortened the remaining hem piece, ran two lines of stitches along the seam allowance and pulled it short to match the hem. Then used the serger to attach to the main skirt, hemmed it and voile…..


6 responses to “Re-crafted skirt

  1. MrsCraft says:

    It looks lovely. 😊

  2. Lynsey Welch says:

    Your skirt looks fab, I love the ruffle edge and shape, great idea. Some pattern matching is so awful, even some very expensive shops have poor stripe matching.

  3. I love the way you have modernised this, it’s completely changed it! Well done!!

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