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Capsule wardrobe and filling the gaps

on January 14, 2017

I really want to plan my sewing better this year now I have covered most of the basics (except jeans).
I am completely drawn to fabric by print and design but this has left me with a mismatch wardrobe.

I think I got away with it during the summer as I could just wear dresses and sandles and not worry about matching tops etc.
I almost have a totally home sewn wardrobe now and only bought a handful of items last year as RTW.  Therefore I photographed by whole sewn wardrobe to identify gaps for me to focus on….. Get ready for a lot of photos!!


My patterned dresses….I love these but have no cardigans to go with them. I have a black RTW cardigan and a green /yellow one that gets a lot of wear but could do with a wrap cardigan like……..
The blue spotty floating bodice dress is now too big but I can’t find the enthusiasm to take it in, especially as it’s fully lined.


The denim shirt dress gets worn a lot in summer but haven’t figured out how to style it in winter as it’s sleeveless.
The other two feel quite dressy and are only worn when I am interviewing at work etc. Again the pink dress is now too big and the bust darts need altering but I’m too busy thinking of sewing new dresses to alter it.


These are my casual dresses.  Excuse the creases on my dungaree dress!!  These are my favourite three, comfy but can still wear them to work-well not the dungaree dress but I wear that at all other times.  I will definitely make another one of each of these.  I have plenty of tops to wear under the dungarees and the other two don’t need any other items.


Again,  excuse the creases again!  The maxi dress was great in the summer but would benefit from a wrap cardigan so that needs to go on my list.
The birds dress used to be worn with a cropped cardigan but I no longer have that so will need to look for a pattern.
The stripy top gets worn with a RTW orange/peach trousers but again no cardigan so needs hot weather.


These are the only two tops I have made :(. The stag top can only be worn in winter or I get asked why I am wearing a reindeer top in spring!! The star sweater is new and is worn constantly but no good with dresses!


I have only made three pairs of trousers due to my fear of getting the fit right or making a fly zip. The black ultimate trousers are a great fit with little effort but would prefer a higher waist so might add a waistband next time.  The other two are really trousers and not pyjamas and I do wear them to work!!  The Amy Butler fabric are my favourite pair and great in the summer with a white vest top. The pink cheque ones need to be taken in so another on my list to sort.


I love both these jumpsuits.  I will definitely be making a full length version of the spotty one and a floral summer version of the marigold.


I rarely wear these but that’s due to lack of plain tops I think. My flamingo skirt still makes me smile when I wear it and i have a nettie bodysuit in black on the cutting table to go with it. The pink spotty one is a little too big and the tape measure one is quite basic so might reuse the fabric on something else.
More plain tops required!!


The black spotty top goes well with my white Kat top but I only have one!! The blue pencil skirt goes well with my Anderson blouse but only have the one blouse again and being navy causes me issues with black tights and shoes!!
I think a few nettie bodysuits will help with the tartan skirt as again it’s blue. I wanted to make a navy sew over it silk cami top but struggling to find the right fabric.
And so on to tops where some of my coordination issues lie.


These are my only plain tops (and one is spotty)!! The spotty Agnes goes well with my dungaree dress and plain skirts. The white vest is worn constantly in the summer so need a few more.


Stripes,  stripes and more stripes!  I didn’t realise how many stripy tops I had made. The navy Agnes gets worn with my blue pencil skirt but was cheap jersey and needs replacing. The weekend Kat top is good tucked in to plain skirts but the others are only worn with jeans.


These are my most frequently worn tops but can only go with my ultimate trousers and plain skirts.  I have another silk cami top to make in a pink pattern so that won’t help! I have limited cardigans to wear and although I have the named saunio cardigan on my stash I bought patterned jersey! Doh!

I am hoping that with the sew my Style challenge and the sew over it capsule wardrobe ebook will help me focus on plain fabric.
This is my stash to get through first…..



This lot is to make…..a black nettie bodysuit, a collette skirt, silk cami,  saunio cardigan,  Jackie o jacket,  sew house seven Jenny dress, simple sew wrap dress, tilly and the buttons skirt and a toaster #2 jumper. That should keep me busy even if it doesn’t help me match anything!!
Do any of you have any tips to help bring your wardrobe together?


3 responses to “Capsule wardrobe and filling the gaps

  1. wormalblog says:

    So many patterns haha! I’ve also been a victim to crazy, mismatched closets(: love your casual dresses! ❤

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