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Selfless Sunday- pinafore dress

on January 15, 2017


My daughter is growing up fast, she’s only 10 (11 in four months) and still plays with Barbie dolls but she’s on that cusp of being aware of fashion and peer pressure.
I have always made her little dresses which she proudly wears and tells people that I made them for her. However, the last few school discos and birthday parties have caused long debates on what was “cool” to wear.
I decided the best way to keep her interested in home sewn outfits was to get her to design her own clothes.
At Christmas we bought her some fashion design books and I downloaded some croquis to design some outfits.
She decided that she wanted a dungaree dress and drew the above design.
Chloe was clear that she wanted a gathered skirt and straps that started from the waist.


I drafted a pattern after taking a few measurements. The skirt is made of two rectangles with tabs at the top that I hemmed and turn in for the side button plackets.


Chloe chose a denim chambray with little white flowers on it and picked out plastic flower buttons. I added a pocket to the front and top stitched around the bib.




I added buttons on the side to fasten it up and finished the inside with facing.


She is very happy with the finished item and think I have managed to sneak another hand made item into her wardrobe.


13 responses to “Selfless Sunday- pinafore dress

  1. Lesley says:

    My neice is 11 and also on the cusp of being aware of fashion. I’ve stopped sewing her surprise outfits now -she has to be fully involved from now on!

  2. Fiona says:

    What a great idea to get her designing. 10yos are tricky aren’t they. Mine is youngest of four so always wants to look more grown up like her siblings. The pinafore looks great!

  3. Lynsey says:

    Such a good idea, she looks lovely and so nice she helped design it. Very well drafted, it fits perfectly.

  4. This was a brilliant idea! What I would have done to have someone sewing my design at that age:-)

  5. What a lovely idea to get her involved in the design process! Lovely!

  6. MrsCraft says:

    It looks fab, and lovely that you got her involved too. 😊

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