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Selfless Sunday – jeans hem

on January 29, 2017

Not a very exciting one this Sunday but it is Sunday and a selfless sew so worthy of a short post.


My husband struggles to find jeans with the correct leg length and ends up turning up the hems and wearing them like that. That looks great for the first few months but after a while the bottom edge starts to wear out from contact with the floor.  I guess normal jeans have the hemmed edge to give a bit of strength,  but not so when just folded up.

His favourite pair ended up worn almost completely through and he asked me to save them.


My only option was to cut the turn up off and reattach close to the original hem. I straight stitched with my sewing machine and then trimmed and edged it with the overlocker.
I saw a blog post the other day with this technique and although I don’t think I would choose to do this to take a pair of jeans up (I’d rather hem them myself and topstitch etc) I think they look acceptable after a good press.


2 responses to “Selfless Sunday – jeans hem

  1. Lynsey Welch says:

    Great save and technique, you can’t tell from the photo so good as new.

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