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Simple Sew Lena dress

on February 20, 2017

It’s finished…. With sleeves! (thank you to all you girlies who offered views and sold me on the sleeves!!)



This is the Lena wrap dress that came free with love sewing magazine,  I don’t own a wrap dress as not sure if it would suit my bodyshape (read no boobs to fill the wrap section 😣) but this was advertised as a false wrap so thought I would try it out.

The fabric is from girl charlee from their bargain lot section: turquoise black Diamond cotton spandex blend knit fabric for a steal at £7.90 for two metres!
It’s super soft and super stretchy. So much so, that this post was almost titled “a

stretch too fa



The top half was simple to put together but the instructions offered no assistance!!


Note that it tells you to join the lining and bodice together at the neckline and armholes….. But you don’t sew the armholes and if you do you can’t complete the next 3 steps! Luckily I spotted this and ignored but feel for a more novice sewer who might not spot this.

I binned the guidance at this point and figured it out on my own and used a mixture of my overlocker and normal machine with walking foot to join seams and finish the inside.
After I finished the wrap section with my overlocker I tried it on for size and realised I had stretched the neckline fabric to resemble a saggy mess 😭
I steamed it over and over on my mannequin and miraculously it seems to have worked..  Phew!
The pattern has notches for matching the wrap sections but this was miles off for me but simply making each point join the seam line fitted a treat (and possibly helped the sagging front!!). I also added a tack stitch on the lining to hold the front together and avoid me pulling it up throughout the day.


I didn’t want a separate band at the bottom so cut this into the main a skirt piece, only to cut it off again at hemming stage as it was about 10cm too long for my liking.
This dress now sits just above my knee and the sleeves are just above my elbow.

I was unsure about adding sleeves but encouraged by many of my blogging companions I did add them…..and you were all right! This length sleeve means I won’t need a jacket in the office during spring and summer.

15 responses to “Simple Sew Lena dress

  1. MrsCraft says:

    It’s gorgeous, what a fab dress. 😊

  2. Clémence says:

    Beautiful dress! I’m glad you were able to recover the neckline with a steaming 🙂

  3. Naomi says:

    I really like their patterns, but their instructions are minimal at best – every time! And missing vital finishing details I think. But great shapes and reliable patterns.

  4. Looks fabulous. I’ll definitely give this another read when I try it!!

  5. sewandsnip says:

    I agree that they are great patterns but not always great instructions, as you said earlier I think they need more pattern testing.
    Your finished dress looks fantastic though😃

  6. Lynsey Welch says:

    Gorgeous dress, the fabric is lovely and it looks great as a wrap, I’ve tried a woven faux wrap which was a disaster to fit so thinking a knit wrap would be better.

  7. Good on you for figuring out the pattern tricks. The fabric looks lovely and you got it for such a good price too!

  8. We love this dress, our fabric looks amazing, and as you say, a bargain! We love seeing your makes, they are stunning! Are you on instagram or twitter?

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