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Field trip top by Oliver and S

on February 25, 2017


My son really needed some new tops so rather than go shopping I started to search online for some pattern ideas.
I have seen lots of Oliver and S patterns in the past but thought they were for little kids and my two at age 8 & 10 were now too big. They actually go up to age 12 so I bought the field trip top as a pdf file for instant gratification and got a skirt pattern for my daughter which was offered at a special price.


Just in case you are interested,  I store all my pdf’s printed in plastic wallets with the instructions and pattern pieces tucked in behind.
I have since downloaded the little sunny day shorts that are free on their website.


I took my kids to my local fabricland and asked my son to choose some fabric.  He was not interested in the slightest and randomly pointed to the green and black! I cut a size 7 for him even though he is quite a tall but skinny 8 year old. I added a little length to the body but the arms fitted well.
When we were at fabricland my daughter insisted that I make her one as well and went straight for a jersey aztec design.


As you can see she is very pleased with hers and happily modelled for me!


So much so she told me that the top was worthy of a “dab”……whatever that means!!


Originally we were going to have black arms but decided to put the pattern on the sleeves as they were different weights. She asked for cuffs that she could put her thumbs through,  so luckily I remembered that Emily posted on how to create this so had a quick recap.
This was made this morning ready for a birthday party at lunchtime so it’s a really quick make.

2 responses to “Field trip top by Oliver and S

  1. corrineappleby says:

    Great tops! I’m not entirely sure what dabbing is (my kids are so embarrassed by me) but I do know that if that top is worthy of a dab then it’s high praise indeed!

    • Even her friends told me they liked it when I picked her up….I think that means I have a bit more time when she will still wear home sewn garments. There are some lovely stoff and stil patterns for kids I’ve just found so I hope so!

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