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Me Made May 2017


I, Jenny of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear a minimum of one home sewn item of clothing each day for the duration of May 2017

I have joined in this challenge a few times now but feel this will be less of a challenge to me this year as I have made far more basics in the last year.

A few years ago most of my makes were dresses and not always in very practical fabric which would restrict where I could wear them. Now 75%of my wardrobe is handmade.. . T-shirts, skirts, trousers,  sweatshirt,  coats.

My biggest problem will be photographing my outfits each day and posting them on here but I will do my best.

If you are interested in joining in then check out Zoe’s blog.


Make Nine Update

I thought I should review how my make nine sewing is going now we are in April (already!!).
I have completed a few of my makes, with a change to some of the final patterns, but not got round to taking photos!

You can read my original blog post here


I have managed to make both of these sweatshirts here and here .


I have made the palazzo trousers but from the burda magazine instead of the GBSB book. These are being worn as I type but are yet to be photographed.
I have almost finished a swimsuit but not this version. I was asked to pattern test one from seamstress Erin which I can’t blog about until after its release.
I haven’t made the coat yet and debating about making the Kelly anorak for the summer instead, just building up the motivation to take on another coat.


I have now made three pairs of these trousers, which is a lot for me as I rarely find a TNT pattern as I get too excited to go onto the next project. I made a black velvet pair which I love; a pale pink stretch fabric which I’m not keen on as they don’t fit well with the level of stretch; and I finally finished my black jeans version which are my favourite. I altered the pattern to have a higher waistline and tapered the leg for a more fitted skinny jeans look. I also amended the rise to get a good fit, blog post coming soon once the sun comes out so I can get decent photos.

I haven’t made any of the selfless patterns yet (shame on me!) but vow to do these in the summer.
I also haven’t started on my Jackie o jacket or dress pattern and think they might be completed later in the year as I have too many other sewing plans first…..