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Inspiration planning

on May 4, 2017

How do you organise your thoughts and plans for sewing?

I’m not very good with technology, mainly due to having a rubbish mobile with no memory space (due to my Sew Awesome app which held all my sewing patterns but alas is no more after my husband “fixed” my phone).
I prefer to have something physical to hold but not adverse to solutions to help me find patterns, a bit like kindle vs book, and similar to that debate I fall somewhere in the middle.

I have a lot of patterns, and even more now I have gotten over my fear of pdf files and what if I lost them or couldn’t download them!
I print my pdf patterns off and put them in clear a4 wallets to hold the instructions and cut out pieces and actually quite enjoy the process of sticking the pattern together, safe in the knowledge that I could share print out a new one of I needed to.

Recently I have tried to review my wardrobe to make it more cohesive and increase my ability to wear a fully me made outfit (which I love the satisfaction of telling someone if they ask where I bought it from).
I am finally winning on this challenge, although I need to look towards spring and summer and keep the momentum going, I now have an answer…..

…..I use croquis images to draw outfits combining already existing makes with ideas based on stashed patterns or other Indi based patterns I have saved in my ever growing favourites list on the foldline.




I am not the best artist in the world but enjoy sketching ideas and colours while watching tv on an evening. Combining pattern ideas and thinking about what I already own and what colours I am missing.

How do you plan your sewing?


5 responses to “Inspiration planning

  1. I love having work books, that you can sketch, glue in magazine clippings, fabrics, colour swatches, write notes. Then add photo of finished projects.

  2. This is a great way of planning and it’s creative too. I am very disorganised and trying to plan in a bujo but not in good habits yet. Makes for an unproductive sewing regime! Love the sketching planning you do. Might try this myself to be more productive and focused.

  3. I love your planning it’s functional but creative too! I’m very disorganised with my sewing and leads to a very unproductive sewing life. I have started a bujo in the bid to bring focus but I’m not in the natural habit yet. The drawing aspect is a good one and I may use this in a bid to help my focus.

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