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Roman day

on June 23, 2017

A very quick post to show how valuable having sewing skills can be as a parent!

So last week my son came home from school and told me he needed a roman costume for Thursday….this was Tuesday and we had parents evening that night after work! The school letter said “just dress them in white leggings, t shirt and homemade headpiece “! Like we all have white leggings in our son’s wardrobe.

Off I went to fabricland to recreate this: 

I managed to find a white polyester off cut for 80p, some red satin and faux leather to make this:

All in half an hour as we were booked to watch The Shack at the cinema at 7.30; I got home at 6pm and made this while cooking meatballs for the family dinner!

I basically overlocked the red and white fabric, cut head holes in the white and faux leather and created slits for the red satin to attach to the tabard. I then drew a template and used the rotary cutter to create the flaps. Ta da!!

2 responses to “Roman day

  1. mumokio says:

    Oh that’s brilliant in the time you had ! I bet he was the best dressed Roman there.

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