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My sewing space 

on June 24, 2017

I have been meaning to post about my little sewing space for a while now but getting my new machine has inspired me to tidy up.

I basically have an alcove space in our lounge with an orange Ikea desk and some shelving above for my paper patterns.

The cd boxes on the shelves are labelled by pattern type such as dresses or tops with envelopes in. All my cotton is on a reel holder from hobby craft with a matching bobbin underneath.

I have a radiator behind my desk so limited to wall space (no peg board for me sadly☹️).

I have a pin board full of my kids drawings and cute sewing related cards and photos above.

All my PDF patterns are printed and stored in a4 wallets in the wicker magazine basket by my feet. My husband bought me the cute pink metal bin for all my threads and overlocker offcuts.

My cupboard has a large bag of overlocker threads in various colours, my sleeve press and tailors ham plus homemade cutting weights.

The small drawer has all my scissors, rotary cutters, rulers and reinforcing elastic etc. The larger drawer has haberdashery such as poppers and bias binding makers. I also store spare cotton and my tin of buttons.

The jars were a gift from a friend and store my zips and spare change!!

The little hanging heart and signs were also gifts. The embroidery hoops I made a few years ago, there are three; the third one out of sight has my name on it.

This final photo is my stash of fabric, kept in an Ikea storage box in the dining room. We use it as a bench for extra seating space around the table. Our home is open plan so the dining room is easily accessible and houses the ironing board and my cutting mat on the table when I’m sewing.

That’s it. My tiny sewing space crammed with everything I need. Where do you all sew? Are you lucky enough to have a room to yourself?

8 responses to “My sewing space 

  1. mumokio says:

    Oh my word ! That’s so tidy. You’re not seeing mine ! It looks like a lovely sewing corner though.

  2. MrsCraft says:

    It’s very organised and you have some really beautiful storage, I love the jars with floral lids. I’ve got a cupboard and my yarn is in a corner. I either work on the sofa, or for cards I work on the floor. If I’m sewing we have a fold up table or I go and use the table in the conservatory. Thank you for sharing 😊

    • I have more craft stored upstairs…we have drawers under the bed and one is full of wool (although I don’t really knit any more). I also have a couple of baskets on top of the wardrobe with card making stuff and my cuttlebug machine! Then shelves above the bedroom door with jewellery making and jars full of beads!!! I find working on the floor hurts my back too much so tend to take over the dining table!

  3. Lynsey says:

    Such a super sewing space, it’s so lovely to have a little area that’s just for sewing. I have a little space in my bedroom, it’s a foldout table under the window and a little stool (if the table is up I can’t get past my bed) I have storage under my bed and in some drawers, I love my little sewing space but look forward to hopefully one day having a little room 🙂

    • It would be lovely to have a room for sewing like you see others have, but as I see most days I love being able to do it and still be around the family. I’m not sure if I would actually like to go to a separate room x

  4. Really enjoyed reading this, really interesting to find out about people’s sewing spaces I am also a bit stuck for space but make it work on the dining room table! You’ve made a little space look super tidy and pretty though – love it 🙂

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