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A Frilling Top

on August 15, 2017

Back in June I braved the shops to find a smart top to wear to an interview. It was a painful experience even with the decent selection of shops available in Bournemouth for a couple of reasons; I had to find something plain and smart (no prints 😫); and I object to the cost when I know I can make it for less (even if I don't have the time!). I only went shopping this time to reduce pressure on myself before an interview.

So this is the top I settled on from Dorothy Perkins…. it cost £25!! For a polyester crepe top with a necklace. I got it home and looked at it and looked at it…the quality just wasn't there. The threads from the seam allowance were caught in the seam and the edge stitching wasn't very neat!
I decided I couldn't do it and it would need to go back to the shop….so the day before my interview I turned to my sewing machine and made a simple sew pussybow blouse.

The fabric was from fabricland (bought on the way home from the shop!) and the pattern was sent to me from Naomi after my last pussybow blouse was a disaster.

I still loved the design of the yellow top so I posted on instagram and Lynsey came to my rescue with a replica pattern.

Lynsey recommended the Farah top from chalk and notch, which was a perfect match.
I picked up some mustard yellow fabric during the Dorset meet up with lovely drape that I thought would work well.

The fabric was lovely to work with, almost like a jersey.

The pattern is well drafted and ensures all edges are finished well with a mitred hem and French seams etc. It has a section to insert under the arm between the frills.

I am really pleased with the finished item and prefer it to the RTW version and only cost £8!!


8 responses to “A Frilling Top

  1. Love YOUR top so much better! It’s more interesting, a better colour and drape and I bet a much nicer finish and fit than the RTW. Love when a plan comes together like this 🙂 Inspiring post thank you!

  2. MrsCraft says:

    Great job! Yours looks loads better.

  3. Lynsey says:

    Its frustrating when rtw is expensive but the quality isn’t there, as a non sewer I don’t think people look twice but we are by far harsher critics!! Your top is fantastic, the finishing looks perfect and I bet it looks great on. And you can use the pattern again 🙂 total bonus

  4. corrineappleby says:

    Your top is amazing! So much nicer than the rtw one. Like you, if I’m going to buy myself clothes I expect the same standards I would apply to myself! Needless to say, I haven’t bought rtw clothes (apart from underwear) in a very long time!

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