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Inspiration planning

How do you organise your thoughts and plans for sewing?

I’m not very good with technology, mainly due to having a rubbish mobile with no memory space (due to my Sew Awesome app which held all my sewing patterns but alas is no more after my husband “fixed” my phone).
I prefer to have something physical to hold but not adverse to solutions to help me find patterns, a bit like kindle vs book, and similar to that debate I fall somewhere in the middle.

I have a lot of patterns, and even more now I have gotten over my fear of pdf files and what if I lost them or couldn’t download them!
I print my pdf patterns off and put them in clear a4 wallets to hold the instructions and cut out pieces and actually quite enjoy the process of sticking the pattern together, safe in the knowledge that I could share print out a new one of I needed to.

Recently I have tried to review my wardrobe to make it more cohesive and increase my ability to wear a fully me made outfit (which I love the satisfaction of telling someone if they ask where I bought it from).
I am finally winning on this challenge, although I need to look towards spring and summer and keep the momentum going, I now have an answer…..

…..I use croquis images to draw outfits combining already existing makes with ideas based on stashed patterns or other Indi based patterns I have saved in my ever growing favourites list on the foldline.




I am not the best artist in the world but enjoy sketching ideas and colours while watching tv on an evening. Combining pattern ideas and thinking about what I already own and what colours I am missing.

How do you plan your sewing?


Five years old today


Wow,  wordpress just sent me a message to say craftysewandsewindorset is five years old today!!
Thank you to everyone who follows me and appears to actually read my posts from the lovely comments you leave me. 
Here’s to another five years!! 🙌


I won a Bloggers Recognition Award


I’m very excited to have been nominated for a blogger recognition award by Emma.  Thank you so much, although I have had my blog for a while it has only taken off in the last year so it’s really lovely to hear that others enjoy reading my witterings.

For those who haven’t seen this nomination before the rules for receiving this award are as follows:

– Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
– Write a post to show your award.
– Give a brief story of how your blog started.
– Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
– Select other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Right then,  I have said thank you above (and I really am grateful for the nomination)  and you can see Emma ‘s blog from the link on her name above.

I started my blog in February 2012 as I was doing lots of crafty things from knitting and crochet to jewellery making and my husband encouraged me to create a blog to capture it all.
It’s really great to be able to look back and see how my sewing skills in particular have improved over the years.  I tend to sew over every other craft now so I rarely post about knitting etc any more.

My two pieces of advice are:
1. Interact with your fellow crafters on blogs. The use of my blog has really increased in the last year or two as I started to follow others and they reciprocated.
2. Join in as many challenges as possible.  These are another great way of connecting with others. Since I joined the monthly stitch I use wordpress as another form of social media. I find everyone on here is more positive and supportive than you would ever find on Facebook!
I have joined #sew my Style this year so have another toaster on my cutting table to get finished by Tuesday!

The bloggers I am nominating are (sorry if you have already been nominated and I missed your post!):
1. Did you make that?
2. Life in a mads house
3. Gingerella
4.  Appleby makes
5. Creative little cwtch
6. Modern vintage cupcakes
7. Wear the ducky tie
8. Mousie makes
9. Randomly happy
10. navy blue threads
11. Spare room style

Big smile still on my face and hoping to pass that feeling on :mrgreen:


Capsule wardrobe and filling the gaps

I really want to plan my sewing better this year now I have covered most of the basics (except jeans).
I am completely drawn to fabric by print and design but this has left me with a mismatch wardrobe.

I think I got away with it during the summer as I could just wear dresses and sandles and not worry about matching tops etc.
I almost have a totally home sewn wardrobe now and only bought a handful of items last year as RTW.  Therefore I photographed by whole sewn wardrobe to identify gaps for me to focus on….. Get ready for a lot of photos!!


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Signing up to bloglovin

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I think I’ve managed to link my blog to the bloglovin site. Unfortunately, WordPress isn’t able to support the bloglovin button.

It would be great if someone could test it for me and let me know if it works.




Yay, thank you everyone for supporting me and my blog.  I know 50 Followers doesn’t sound much to some of you but I only set this blog up to record my makes so its lovely to know I have so many people encouraging me!

A really positive start to 2017 :mrgreen:


Happy New Year


Wishing you all a great 2017. We had a quiet night in just watching a movie with a Thai curry but saw the new year in with a bottle of pink champagne!  A friend at work surprised me with this bottle last week,  I don’t think we even had champagne as nice as this at our wedding!!

I also took the plunge and dyed my whole hair pink this morning rather than just highlights.  Like my husband said, “if you’re going to do something – do it properly!! “.


Thanks for following and reading my blog for the last year and look forward to another year sharing and supporting each other in 2017. Happy crafting!


2017 Make nine


Rochelle on instagram has set a challenge again this year to pick nine patterns that you want to make in 2017.

These are my nine:
1. Sew over it Ultimate trousers
2. Simple sew ‘Jackie o’ jacket
3. Butterick B6164 view a


These are all to make me focus on the fit of my makes;

I have made one pair of ultimate trousers but want to improve my fit and play around with waist band ideas etc. I can see a few more of these in my wardrobe next year.

I have fabric en route from an online fabric shop in pink houndstooth to make the Jackie o jacket up, this could be my January entry to the monthly stitch!

The butterick pattern has been in my stash for a long time but not got round to it. I think because it looks like it needs and thought and effort to achieve a good fit and won’t be fine in a few hours. I like the green polka dot from the packet so might cost this idea.

4. Named Saunio cardigan and sew house seven toaster jumper.

I have included these together as they are part of the sew my style challenge during 2017. I have already made the toaster sweater #1 and love it, and have fabric for the cardigan.

5. New look 6769 coat
6. Great British sewing bee palazzo trousers
7. Butterick b6057 swimsuit

I know it has taken me a year to finish my duffle coat but I already have this new look vintage pattern for a spring/autumn coat in my sights. I love both the colours shown in the package and have seen since lovely Melton wool fabric on the sew over it website.

The palazzo trousers caught my eye after watching a vlog from sew over it when she reviewed the book and made this up in a bright but deep blue crepe. I have found a similar fabric in my local fabric shop and think these would be practical for work.

The swimsuit pattern has been in my stash for too long as well. I keep buying all in one costumes and struggle to find one that fits properly so finally conceded that I need to make myself one, just need to source all the fabric and notions.

8. Colette negroni shirt
9. GBSB t shirt

I have added these two as I need to get past my selfish sewing (and if I make hubby a few outfits it buys me some brownie points for more fabric shopping).
I have seen a few of the GBSB t shirt made up and its seems to offer a good fit so hopefully he will actually wear it if I make it up. Plus this would be an evening work so really rewarding.

The negroni shirt is yet to be in my possession but we both like the design and I just need to find somewhere in the UK I can buy it from. I am thinking of making it up in brushed cotton like in the photo.

What are your 2017 make nine?

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Top 5 Reflections

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you have a great and blessed time with family and friends. We certainly have after spending four days at my parents home…..think they are currently enjoying the peace and quiet without the kids and five dogs running around!

I thought I should finish my top five for 2016; reflections on the last year.

1. I am a selfish sewer and do not like sewing for other people.
I have made a few things for other people this year and I have to put my hand up and admit I never enjoy the process for these as much as the ones for me!! Sewing is my stress relief; after a busy day at work and getting the kids feed and into bed, sitting down to sew something for me is my reward. If the recipient doesn’t like the finished item or doesn’t wear it as often as I’d like I get a little frustrated.


2. I prefer quicker sewing projects (think an evening work rather than a week’s effort)
This is purely a time issue I think. I only have one or two hours to myself in an evening after work, dinner, kids bedtime, driving kids to this club and that club……it’s normally 8.30-9pm before I can do something I want to do. Therefore I always want to find something that I can run up in that time, cue t shirts on my overlocker.


3. I need to focus more on the fit of clothing and be more prepared to make adjustments.
I know that in 2017 I need to challenge myself to make more fitted outfits and make more effort to adjust the sewn item rather than thinking it will do once it reaches wearable status.
I have adjusted a few items this year to get a better fit, including my cascade duffle coat and ultimate trousers but need to do this more and not avoid outfits that I know will need this level of detail.
I think I might actually have to make a few toiles in 2017!!


4. I have developed a real love for jersey and stretch fabrics.
This links to number 2 and 3 = quick makes without the need to worry about fit. Plus they made really comfortable daily wear items.


5. I need to be more prepared and stop rushing projects.
This has become more paramount at this festive period when I had plans to make outfits back in the summer for Christmas party season but ended up finding sewing on the evening I was going out (twice!).
This gold sparkly top was being hemmed on the way to the hotel and due to the the last minute planning I had to buy a RTW skirt that evening as I didn’t like the lace one I had made in the photo.



Top 5 Non-Sewing Highlights

The next instalment on the top five list from crafting the rainbow is titled
“Top 5 Non-Sewing Highlights (What did you do this year besides sew? These could be big or small accomplishments – anything from “run a marathon” to “get new glasses”!)”.

This has challenged me a bit as apart from family and work,  I don’t do much else apart from sew!!

I found five things which are not in any particular order (although some are clearly bigger than others):

Dyed my hair pink!!
Finally took some better photos of my hair. I’m a little obsessed with the colour pink and it mystified me why I didn’t have pink hair when I was much younger.  Now is finally the time and I love it!

Bought and wrapped all the presents for christmas by the 1st December.
This is a bit of a timely one being a week from Christmas but I am feeling rather smug that I don’t have to go anywhere near the shops this weekend!


Bought less then 10 RTW items
I set myself a challenge in January not to buy any shop bought clothing to push myself to sew more for day to day wear. I have only bought a couple of cardigans,  some jeans, a last minute Christmas party skirt, a swimsuit, a fleecy top and some pj’s.
This clearly gives me a list of items to make in the coming year.  The fleece jumper and cardigans are covered in the sew my Style challenge and I already have a swimsuit pattern in my stash.


Given up sugar
This is a pretty big one…. Last January we took the plunge and the whole family gave up refined cane sugar.  The decision was based on trying to calm our overactive 8 year old son down and the impact has been significant.
His teacher reports that September 2015 he was unable to physically sit still at school but this year he was like a different child. He is now a competent reader and doing so much better in school, there is still a long way to go but his behaviour is far more manageable.  Our daughter is also calmer and less volatile and my husband is far more tolerant so overall I have a much happier household.
I don’t think I notice a lot of difference but have lost 14lb through not eating cakes and sweets!!


Got a second dog
Not sure if this counts as we got him a week before Christmas last year but only fostered from waggytails rescue then and decided to keep him this year! So we now have two large lurchers fighting for space on the sofa.


Thanks for reading x