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First Necklace from the Craft box

This is the first piece of jewellery to emerge from the birthday craft box – we have jewel bracelets, sweet necklaces and more badges to come!!

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Loopy Ring

I made this ring in the summer when I restocked my bead collection and decided to buy some new ring shanks. I have always liked looped rings so decided to give it ago.

The green beads are an amazing colour and don’t show up well in this photo – they green and blue with clear streaks through them and the colour really stands out against the pink ones.

Unfortunately some of the colour started to rub off these beads when they got wet – again another lesson learnt to buy glass beads and not plastic ones! Especially after all the effort of making the ring.

I have made two other rings like this for friends – one with pearl beads and another with some great blue beads.

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Kitsch Cherry Bracelet

This is one of my own designs. I bought lots of different beads and charms from ebay and attached them to a chain with jump rings.

I love bright coloured, unusual jewellery – so this suits me down to the ground!

I bought some little ‘made with love’ heart charms and try to attach them to most of the jewellery I make – especially when made for friends.

The buttons have been attached by creating loops with jewellery wire through the holes and twisting into a loop at the back and then adding a jump ring to attach to the chain.

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Seed Bead Ring

This is one of the first pieces of jewellery I made – it’s inspired by a ring in a Juju Vail book (

I have made a similar one for one of my friends in blue and purple. The small seed beads are iridescent white and the main flower beads are a mix of white, red and pink. There were more pink beads when I first made it, but unfortunately the colour washed off some of the beads (note to self to buy better quality beads in future!).

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Welcome to my new blog about craft! I will be posting photos of all the crafty things I have made over the last 5 and a half years, since my mother in law introduded me to this whole other realm of craft!!

I will also add photos of any on going projects which tend to be a few at a time as I am always to keen to get started on something else that I couldn’t resist buying!!

I love all sorts of craft and have filled our bedroom to bursting with all the kit to have a go at most things. So if you like any of the following then please follow my blog and hopefully be inspired!!

  • Dressmaking (latest acquisition)
  • Home furnishing
  • Tapestry (think Emily Peacock)
  • Cross Stitch
  • Knitting
  • Toy Making (including teddies and dolls)
  • Felt making
  • Jewellery Making
  • Card Making
  • Spinning (not the bicycle type!)

Thanks for looking

Jenny x

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