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Competition time…Edinburgh knitting and stitching show

Hi all
Some of you will have seen my last post about winning amazing tickets to the Edinburgh knitting and stitching show from love sewing magazine and my sad dilemma that Bournemouth on the south coast is too far to travel to Scotland.


Therefore I have decided to give these tickets away.

If you would like a chance to have these tickets for the bank holiday weekend 28th April to the 2nd May 2016 then post me a comment telling me who you would take and why?


I will decide a winner by Saturday 23rd April and put them in the post.


Knitted fairy doll


Our niece was baptised a few weeks ago and I wanted to make her a toy as a gift. I had made a fairy doll for her sister when she was baptised but I was unable to reach my sewing machine due to building site chaos so reached for my knitting needles instead.

I found some wonderful sparkly multi coloured wool from hobby craft which was perfect for her hair.


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Red booties for Scarlett

My friend at work became a Grandmother last week so I offered to make her some little booties – and as her Granddaughter was called Scarlett to make them in red wool.

I used a pattern from Lois Daykin’s Baby Knits which I have used a few times. It is a very simple and quick pattern and you can change the design by adding straps, ruffles at the front or ruffles all round.

I used Peter Pan Sweetheart Double knitting wool in shade 1608 (31 rows x 22 st – 10cm x 10cm) and bought two little butterfly buttons.

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Dusted off my Ashford Spinning Wheel!

I have been asked to put on a session about spinning (wool not cycling!!) at the next ladies group at my church! For some reason I said ‘yes’ and then remembered I can’t actually spin wool!!


I bought my beautiful Ashford spinning wheel when I was pregnant with our son – who will be 4 in August – and used to go to a spinners and weavers group when he was a little baby but never quite mastered the spinning wheel.

I bought one as I was really into knitting and it was the only way I could see that I could afford to use 100% wool!

With the deadline looming (2 weeks time) I have given it a polish and oiled it – and practising the rhythm for the pedal! I’ll let you know how I get on!

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Rowan Kidsilk Haze Shawl

I made two of these beautiful lace knit shawls – one for my mum in Majestic (Mulberry colour) and this one below in Ice Cream.

They took me ages to complete as they have hundreds of stitches and if you make a mistake it is really difficult to unpick as the fibres start to blend together.

It was lovely to be able to knit with quality yarn though, especially when you have been used to cheap 99p a ball wool for making toys. The wool is from Rowan and is a blend of super kid mohair and silk and is really fine.

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Hula hamster

This is my little hula hamster that sits on my desk at work. He comes from a collection of hula hamsters designed by Alan Dart. So far I have only made him but will hopefully get round to making him a girlfriend.

I used hairspray on his guitar to keep it stiff.

He currently has a little wooly hat on from the winter!


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Knitted handbag


I love this bag. I knitted it from stitch style bags which has lots of designers, this bag happened to be designed by Claire Garland, the designer of the dolls I like making. It’s knitted in Debbie Bliss Donegal chunky tweed and GGH bel air for the purple trim. I think the bag has grown over the years but that will teach me to carry too much stuff in my hand bag.

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Bullseye is Jacob’s toy horse which goes with his matching Cowboy (I will put his details up on another day). The horse was made from handspun pure sheep wool (spun by my mother in law) so has a lovely texture to it and made the main all wavy when I unravelled the ply.

They are both from the ‘Dream Toys’ book by Claire Garland.





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Present for my Niece


This was a lovely teddy bear I made for my niece’s first birthday.

She’s from the┬áSirdar Heritage Bear Collection and was made in Snowflake Chunky wool and Sirdar Silky look for the dress.

I have knitted lots of teddies in the past but the snowflake wool was so effective on this bear and gave her a lovely feeling – perfect for a little girl to cuddle.

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Welcome to my new blog about craft! I will be posting photos of all the crafty things I have made over the last 5 and a half years, since my mother in law introduded me to this whole other realm of craft!!

I will also add photos of any on going projects which tend to be a few at a time as I am always to keen to get started on something else that I couldn’t resist buying!!

I love all sorts of craft and have filled our bedroom to bursting with all the kit to have a go at most things. So if you like any of the following then please follow my blog and hopefully be inspired!!

  • Dressmaking (latest acquisition)
  • Home furnishing
  • Tapestry (think Emily Peacock)
  • Cross Stitch
  • Knitting
  • Toy Making (including teddies and dolls)
  • Felt making
  • Jewellery Making
  • Card Making
  • Spinning (not the bicycle type!)

Thanks for looking

Jenny x

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