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Cross stitch designs


Finally back on WordPress! Not sure what had been going on since last September….too much to say on here !

I haven’t been able to do any sewing for the last three months as lots of building work in my house so have gone back to lots of cross stitch and knitting that I can take with me!

I have also started a ladies group with my friends from church and have been doing lots of craft after our meal together.
Last month I taught some of my friends how to cross stitch. Above is my effort from the evening, and then finished freebie from Mollie makes magazine.


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Competition Entry Started

I have decided to enter the Lisa Lam competition and started my project – a quilt play mat which folds up into a bag.

I have bought the fabric and cut out the main sections and petals for the quilted pocket – just need to start sewing them on!!

I have bought pre-quilted white fabric, blue fleece for the play mat side, floral fabric for the pocket and have dug out other fabric to design the play mat side.

I plan to line the inside of the pocket and then quilt petals in circles on the outside of the pocket (or that is the plan!)

I have a deadline of 31st May to work too, so need to get on with this!! Wish me luck!!


Introducing Lexi and Eleanor

I made these toys for my daughter a while ago – inspired by a Japanese book on toy monsters.

Eleanor, the smaller one, has felt flower eyes and rosy felt cheeks (similar to those on the Chloe Owens dolls).

Lexi is created from different elements of toys that my daughter loved – like the eyes and mouth. The mouth has a pocket inside so she can hide her treasures from her brother!

The book showed one crafter that used pictures from her children and created them into toys – I love this idea and have collected many sketches from my daughter with plans to turn into toys and needlecraft pictures.

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Think Happy Thoughts – Emily Peacock

This was a birthday present (my Birthday is in August!!) and is still in it’s bag!! This is a full kit from Emily Peacock so contains the Appletons Crewel wool suggested so will be wonderful when completed.

I want to hang it in the entrance hall to remind us all to ‘Think Happy Thoughts’!! I’ll let you know when it gets started!

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Emily Peacock Love Tattoo Tapestry – work in progress

This is a photo of my Emily Peacock design tapestry  – almost completed! I started it in the summer and have done almost all of the main picture but need to get myself inspired enough to spend hours stitching the background colour!!

I bought the tapestry chart from Miso Funky and then bought the canvas on ebay. All the tapestry wool was bought from Hobbycraft (Anchor Tapestry Wool) as it would have cost a lot of money to purchase Appletons crewel wool!

I did not use a frame when stitching this pattern as the canvas and wool do not go out of shape like cotton embroidery. I plan to frame this and hang it in the lounge when it is finished – I considered making it into a cushion but could not bear the thought of the cats sitting on it or the kids throwing it on the floor!!

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Misofunky Cross stitch

This is one of the Misofunky slogan kits can you buy ( My friend bought me the pattern and the frame and I used my own aida fabric and threads as I have a box full of them!!

It hangs on our stairwell alongside two dozen family photos, beach photos and a surfboard!!

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Welcome to my new blog about craft! I will be posting photos of all the crafty things I have made over the last 5 and a half years, since my mother in law introduded me to this whole other realm of craft!!

I will also add photos of any on going projects which tend to be a few at a time as I am always to keen to get started on something else that I couldn’t resist buying!!

I love all sorts of craft and have filled our bedroom to bursting with all the kit to have a go at most things. So if you like any of the following then please follow my blog and hopefully be inspired!!

  • Dressmaking (latest acquisition)
  • Home furnishing
  • Tapestry (think Emily Peacock)
  • Cross Stitch
  • Knitting
  • Toy Making (including teddies and dolls)
  • Felt making
  • Jewellery Making
  • Card Making
  • Spinning (not the bicycle type!)

Thanks for looking

Jenny x

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