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March Sewing

I haven’t been as productive in the last few weeks even though I had a week off work – but we have got a new sofa and armchair (thanks Mum and Dad) and a new bed (Ikea purchase, bought and built on the same day without an argument).

I made 4 things in March, 3 of which were made to enter into some Instagram competitions.

1. Classic tee shirt from Love notions

This lovely cat jersey is from my local fabric shop ‘My sewing box‘ and was entered into their #mysewingchallenge contest on Instagram and won 🤗 I was gifted £25 which I used to buy some jersey for a dress for me.

2. Ogden cami

This was a complete disaster make ☹️ The pattern is in my stash and the crepe is from my fabric stash which matches a jacket in my wardrobe.

I ran it up in an hour and went to put it on my mannequin to photograph and it didn’t fit 🙈

The worst part is I think I made this mistake before…..I have a cut out pattern with the wrong bust size but keep forgetting to bin it!! I offered this to my daughter but it’s too big for her so not sure what to do with it now!! Anyone want a uk size 8 Ogden cami!?

I even used my Kylie and the machine label in the back as I can never work out which way round the top should be!!

3. Nautilus swimsuit from Tuesday stitches

This make was in my line up after having watermelon fabric left over from my leggings but pushed up the list due to the sewing contest on Instagram by @sewisfaction.

This is such a great pattern- clear instructions; clever details like the twists and back; and good bottom coverage.

I’m yet to use this in a pool to see how it holds up but as it was left over fabric it was good trial for fitting. I think next time I would add cups or lining to the bust for a better fit.

4. Betty dress from Sew over it

In March for International Women’s day Sew over it kindly offered a free pdf pattern for the Betty dress. This was so popular it crashed their website and they sent it out via Dropbox. I was really sad to hear that the company received angry and abusive comments from people trying to access their website and totally missing the generosity this company was offering.

As the pattern was free and took A LOT of pages to print and stick I used a local printers to produce A0 copies for me. The printing emporium only charged £3.50 a sheet and responded within 24 hours!

This pattern uses a lot of fabric as it has a full circle skirt so I went to Fabricland and managed to get some pretty fabric and zip for under £14!

This fabric was incredibly slippery and heavy with the volume of fabric- I ended up using spray starch to fit the zip which worked really well.

This fabric ended up too sheer to use without lining so I used some creme poly from my stash to line it.

I made this dress to attend a friend’s wedding but ended up missing the big day due to being unwell 🤧

After finishing it I am not sure it’s the right colour for me – the flowers are correct but the background colour isn’t quite right. The fit is great though 😊

Sewing plans for April

I have a pile of fabric ready for April, I have decided to invest a bit more in the fabric I buy and spend more quality for better quality.

1. Blue linen and Burnside Bibs

The navy linen is from My sewing box and the floral lining is from lovely jubbly fabrics.

2. Floral jersey and Heather dress

This was the fabric I bought with my prize from My sewing box and I have plans for a heather dress.

3. Jersey and classic tee shirt

It’s our daughter’s 13th birthday in April and I always make her an outfit for her birthday. She has picked this fabric from My sewing box for another classic tee shirt like the one made this month.

4. Lady McElroy fabric and Clara blouse

For Mother’s Day my husband took me to the local fabric shop and asked me to pick something. I bought 1.5 metre of this beautiful fabric from Lady McElroy to make a sew over it Clara blouse.

5. Floral jersey and Adrienne blouse

One of my Instagram friends surprised me with a copy of the Friday pattern company Adrienne top 😊

I went back to my sewing box in my lunch break and bought this navy jersey with flowers.

I promise I have left some fabric in the shop for others 🤣

Monthly stats

Number of Makes: 4

Number of New fabric purchases: 2

Number of Stash Fabric used: 3 ( including lining fabric)

Number of New Pattern purchases: 1 (but free)

Number of Stash patterns used: 3 (1 not used before)

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December and January Makes

I managed to squeeze in seven makes last month!!! I think I’m getting obsessed again with sewing!

In November and December I went through a bit of sewing lull and only started sewing again at the end of December to make some outfits for Christmas parties.

The dress at the top is the Sew over it 1940’s teadress made for Christmas Eve.

The sequin top is a true bias Ogden top for the works Christmas do and again on Christmas Day.

The black wrap dress (not finished fully in this photo) is from the Chinello Bally book and never got worn!! The works party moved from a hotel to a pub so this felt too OTT. I still need to hem the sleeves and I think it needs some bling on the waistband but that might happen nearer to next Christmas!!

This is my latest make, finished yesterday. It’s the Tilly and the buttons Rosa shirt made in linen type chambray.

It’s such a lovely shape and a good fit. I might size up on the busy next time as I sewed a size 3 graded to 4 on the waist and hip; the lower half is perfect but the bust is a close fit and not able to wear a loose top underneath.

This is the photo that inspired me to make a denim shirt and aiming to replicate this look at the weekend.

This is my muse pattern Jenna cardigan made in free fabric from the stash swap at the Dorset meet up the other weekend.

It’s a great fit first time; I opted for the version with yoke and 3/4 sleeves due to limited fabric and managed to squeeze it out of what I had. I’m aiming to try and make some from the left over fabric grimy heather dress.

This the Sew over it Heather dress in polyester knit jersey from fabricland. This is one of my favourite dresses at the moment, super comfortable, flattering and pockets. Sadly this fabric is not coping with wear and is getting bobbly already ☹️.

ned up to see my style over on instagram and this is January's offering: the sunny dress from the Friday pattern company. I've already blogged about this one here.

ally got round to sewing up the Carolyn pyjamas from closet case files. I bought this pattern in November in the Black Friday sales and have had my eye on them since last summer. These are made up from a ripped Ikea duvet and are so comfortable. I need to make the top a size smaller , I’m sure I’d read they come up small but this does swamp me. Trousers were a great fit!

<Nettie bodysuit from closet case files was on my make nine list (along with the Carolyn pyjamas and Jenna cardigan).

I ordered some floral stretch fabric from fabrics galore in the Black Friday sale and when it arrived it was more like swimsuit fabric. I made this low back scoop neck version and have enough left to make a costume in the summer.

e are my two final makes for the last two months; a Kommatia Ferri bodysuit ( that I love 💕) and a Lindy petal skirt from itch to stitch ( free pattern!!) with left overs from the sunny dress.

That’s a lot of sewing for 8 weeks!!! What have you been sewing recently?


Pattern review: Sunny dress by Friday pattern company

This pattern is the first in the #sewmystyle2018 line up and is such a simple but great tshirt dress.

I bought some textured ponte Roma from Fabrics galore in the January sales which only cost £6 for 1.5 m. This fabric is great for hiding any bumps from too many mince pies at Christmas but didn’t have a lot of stretch.

I cut out the back piece in my size according to the instructions but when I pinned it to my mannequin it only just reached the midline. I then panicked and had to adjust the front piece to ensure it would fit!

To widen the front piece I moved it in approx 1.5cm from the foldline rather than adjust the width on side seams as this pattern has quite distinct curves to get a great fit. This worked well on the fit around my body but think it had created an issue with the back neckline. It now rides up and although the pattern states you can wear this dress back to front this is definitely not the case for my one.

Talking to Lynsey at the #dorsetmeetup on Saturday it seems she had a similar problem so maybe it wasn’t my pattern adjustment!

This pattern has had some flack on social media groups for the lack of instructions and not even giving a drafted neckband; especially as this basic pattern was around £8. I was happy to pay as they do give a % of sales to charity but agree this should be great for a beginner as so simple but the lack of notches and guidance would hinder someone who is not used to sewing in jersey.

For an experienced sewer this is a super quick sew. I decided to time myself and challenge myself to complete it under 2 hours. It only took me 1 hour 40!!

I finished the hem and sleeves with my overlocker and twin needle. The neckband was attached with my overlocker and again twin needle finished to stop it turning up.

Although the pattern said it needed 1.5m of fabric I managed to make an itch to stitch Lindy petal skirt from the left overs of my fabric! Although I did have to sew two pieces together to make up one of the front sections but you can’t tell under the overlap!!

My final verdict: I’m happy with the fit of this dress apart from the back neckline. I would use this pattern as a base for a jersey maxi dress in the summer but not impressed with the pattern and instructions at the price it retails at.