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Sailor ahoy!!

Over on the monthly stitch it's indie pattern month, sharing lots of different designs away from the big four. Each week in July there has been a contest and this week it has been indie royalty… a whole outfit from independent pattern designers.
As part of this I decided to make a pair of shorts from simple sew to match my nautical theme Bowline sweater.

I used a blue linen fabric from fabricland which was lovely to work with but added some issues with differentiating right side from wrong side! I actually sewed the shorts back and front sides back to front and had to unpick!

The pattern has lovely deep pockets on the front and features buttons along the pockets. I decided to try self covered buttons, which turned out to be much easier than I imagined.

I'm really pleased with the finished shorts and will definitely make another pair.

The blouse is the Cali Faye collection valley blouse made as part of sewmystyle. Follow me on instagram @craftysewandsewindorset for more photos of my makes 😊

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Sew my Style Saunio


The Saunio cardigan is the second offering in the sew my style capsule wardrobe challenge.
I bought some fabric for this design back in January but didn’t get round to looking at this pattern until this week. I actually bought some scuba with peach lace overlay to make this cardigan but then looked at my original fabric and decided to try it with that first.


I am so pleased with this design and the fabric is super soft to the touch and much nicer than I remember.
The sewing was completed in about 1 1/2 hours, the paper pattern on the other hand took me a head scratching 1 1/2 hours on its own!!!


This was a pdf pattern which meant that it did have the seam allowance included (1cm instead of 1.5cm) but to save paper on the printer they overlap all the pieces. Once you stick it together you then still have to trace each piece and cut out again!! Grrrr! And some of the overlaps made it a challenge for my head to trace after a long day at work and trying to get kids into bed!!


Any who, once I got going this was a dream to sew up. Just look at that pattern matching on the side and arm (if you can even spot them!)


I interfaced the facing and stitched it from the outside on the furthest edge to stop it flapping open and looks really tidy from the outside.
I will definitely make another one of these but not sure my scuba will work so need to think of another pattern to use that on.
I made this in size small which is great for this light knit fabric but would go up a size in anything thicker. This is meant to be oversized and it’s not on this version but I am happy with that as looks smarter for work.


Toaster #2


I managed to finish my toaster #2 today just in time to share the photos on instagram tomorrow (if I can figure out how to do that…. I’m such a technophobe you would think I’m a lot older than I am!!).
I finished the first toaster #1 before Christmas which you can see here.


I bought this fabulous chevron knit fabric from girl charlee in the Christmas sale and kept it out of my stash for monthly stitch January challenge ‘not stashed ‘. I actually thought it was sweatshirt fabric with a loopy backing but it’s a knit. It feels super soft and slippery to work with so not sure if it was the best fabric for this make but I do love the finished article.



I’m really happy with my stripe matching,  especially as chevrons are a bit of a nightmare.


I overlocked the armholes and sides but had to use my sewing machine for the neckline to open the seams and secure the facing on the neck.


The split hem is really neat and I used a twin needle to finish the hem and sleeves.  I think this fabric was a bit thin to cope with my twin needle so made a little raised channel but I think I got away with it.
The length is better than I thought,  it’s described as being cropped but it fits me well at 5’5″ without any adjustments.


The only change I made was to the sleeves…. They looked like they were designed for a giant with extremely long arms.  I ended up cutting off 5cm + original 1.5cm seam allowance and they are still a good length!!!

I will definitely make another one of these, probably in scuba like my toaster #1. The pdf from sew house seven was really easy to follow and stick together and very clear instructions.


Capsule wardrobe and filling the gaps

I really want to plan my sewing better this year now I have covered most of the basics (except jeans).
I am completely drawn to fabric by print and design but this has left me with a mismatch wardrobe.

I think I got away with it during the summer as I could just wear dresses and sandles and not worry about matching tops etc.
I almost have a totally home sewn wardrobe now and only bought a handful of items last year as RTW.  Therefore I photographed by whole sewn wardrobe to identify gaps for me to focus on….. Get ready for a lot of photos!!


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Sew House Seven Toaster jumper #1


I have signed up to the Sew My Style challenge and purchased two of the first three patterns; sew house seven toaster jumper and named saunio cardigan.


The toaster jumper is the January challenge so I thought I would make a practice version in December to check fit and I love the finished article.

I made this one up in fabric land scuba in navy blue with bright coloured stars on. It feels soft on the outside and fleece lined inside so really warm.
It was a quick make with only 8 pieces: front, back, two sleeves, two cuffs, a neck piece and a hem piece. I made the whole jumper on my overlocker so really neat inside as well.

The pattern tells you to use twin needles to stitch either side of each seam. I did this on the raglan shoulder seams in contrasting red thread but I think my needle was not sharp enough and it kept skipping stitches. This was a pig to unpick on this fabric and I had to finish the job using a single needle trying to keep my lines equally apart, hence why I quit at the shoulders.


Project – sew my style


So I have signed up to project sew my style after Emily posted about it on her site.

There are discounts available to buy the patterns and have already ordered the toaster sweater and saunio cardigan.



I have decided to leave the Virginia leggings as I have patterns for leggings already in my gbsb book. This is great timing for the two tops though as I have been noticing over the last couple of weeks that I almost have a complete home made wardrobe apart from cardigans where I continue to return to RTW items.

This is the line up for the year ahead and more details can be found at bluebird fabrics.


January- Sew House 7 Toaster Sweater 2

February – Named Clothing Saunio Cardigan

March- Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings

April- Sew House 7 Bridgetown Dress

May- Califaye Collection Pocket Skirt

June- Megan Nielsen Briar Tee and Sweater

July- Cali Faye Collection Valley Blouse

August- Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges Dress

September- Named Clothing Yona Wrap Coat

October- Cali Faye Hampshire Trouser

November- By Hand London Anna Dress

December- Named Clothing AW17 New Collection (TBC)