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Final 10 days of May

And it’s done!! A whole month of me Made outfits, some days I actually managed to wear totally handmade which was really surprising.

What this month has shown me is that I have lots of work clothes and basics like tshirts (which is why the challenge was not as hard as I thought) but really need to focus on more difficult makes such as jeans and dedicate more time to the process!

I also realised I have no where enough summer makes!! The sun came out in Britain last week for a few days, reaching 30 degrees and I was starting to struggle to find me Made outfits. I have a few Cami tops, a play suit (but no good for work!!) and one maxi dress. I need to get on with some shorts for the next bit of sunshine…. you never know when it’s coming or for how long in this country!!


Jacket – simple sew notch collar jacket- fabricland 

Top- designer stitch Kat top – fabricland 

Trousers- burda palazzo trousers- fabricland 


Dress – Mccalls m7351 – fabricland 


Jacket- grainline studio Morris blazer – Minerva crafts

Top- closet case file Nettie bodysuit (as a tshirt) – fabricland 

Skirt – sew over it Erin skirt – Ikea fabric 


Top -Kwik sew 3844-  fabricland 

Trousers- new look 6900- Amy butler fabric


Top – sew over it cami top – fabricland (spare from my kimono)

Skirt -RTW from Boden 

Shoes – prym espadrilles kit- fabric from fancy moon ( that doesn’t seem to exist any more 😩)


Sweatshirt- sew house seven toaster sweater- fabricland 

Top – Megan Nielsen briar shirt – fabricland 

Jeans – RTW from next


Repeat outfit alert!! But the first in a month!!

Moss skirt with Agnes top, plus RTW next cardigan 


Top- soi silk Cami top – fabric peachskin from soi

Trousers – began Nielsen flint trousers- fabric chambray from fabricland 


Top – soi Anderson blouse – fabricland 

Trousers – soi ultimate trousers- fabricland 

I now have about a dozen makes I realise I have never blogged about…..


Me Made May week 3

Another week completed and no repeat outfits yet…. I need to figure out if I can find 11 more outfits!

I have a half completed Nettie bodysuit (that doesn’t fit so needs to be hacked ☹️) and fabric ready for a pair of flint trousers to make this week. I also picked up the new free tank top pattern from itch to stitch to fit in this month.


Top – Megan Nielsen briar top – fabricland 

Dress- vogue v8667- fabric from an independent shop in a little village 


Top- sew over it Ella blouse – fabric land

Skirt – sew house seven alberta street skirt – fabric land


Dress – simple sew Kate dress – girl charlee 


Top – sew over it Molly top – fabricland 

Skirt – simple sew 2in1 skirt – fabricland


Top – Tilly and the button Agnes top – fabricland 


Top – Tilly and the buttons Agnes top – girl charlee

Dress – self drafted – fabricland


Dress- pattern from love sewing magazine- fabricland

Leggings -RTW 

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Crazy Pineapple Lady

I bought the sew over it Ella blouse from the PDF club last month but didn’t get round to make it until this week.

I popped to my local fabric land to get some fabric for a few other projects ( flint trousers and another Nettie bodysuit) and got distracted by some pineapple viscose fabric that I thought would look great as an ella blouse.

It’s pretty high waisted so can only be worn with high waisted trousers or skirts but that works for me. I wore this today with my sew house seven Alberta street skirt.

The pattern is really well drafted and clever how it finishes the inside so neatly. I’m not sure on the fit on the arms though, they are cut in one piece but that restricts movement when you reach forward.

I’ll definitely wear this wrap top in the summer as a sun protection. I did wear it to work today and no one commented…. probably thinking I was crazy in my pineapple shirt!!!


Tulip skirt from sew over it


I feel the need to apologise now for the photos in this post. I’m so behind on blogging things I have made because I haven’t managed to get decent pictures that I resorted to the selfy stick I was given by my aunt at Christmas.
I have little need for a selfy stick in my life but then I thought about this blog and became very happy for my gift!!
Any way, back to the sewing……

I joined up to the sew over it pdf club a few months ago which gives you 10% discount and advanced access to monthly pdf pattern releases for just £5 a year, and you get to choose a free pdf pattern worth £7 when you join. I picked the tulip skirt as I have been looking at this for a while now.

In an attempt to make a more capsule and cohesive wardrobe (read plain and basic and not all patterned fabric) I decided I needed to make a few black and navy tops and bottoms(which I have, but not blogged….jeans, skirts, t shirts).
I am wearing my tilly and the buttons Agnes top with the skirt in these photos and really love being able to wear a whole me made outfit, coat included!


This is a really simple design skirt with pleats at the front and darts at the back.


The other great thing about this pattern is that it has pockets!


I made this skirt with black cotton blend suiting fabric from fabricland, so overall a pretty cheap skirt to put together in about 2 hours.


Unstashed Delphine skirt

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Re-crafted skirt


Back in September we held a clothes swapping party at church to raise money for a group of volunteers going to Romania to help some of the families out there.

I managed to clear out some of the last RTW items in my wardrobe that I rarely wore and only bought home a pair of trousers,  some shorts and a jacket,  plus a large skirt that I loved the fabric on and could not resist adding to my fabric stash.

Speaking of that jacket I need to share a photo of the terrible pattern matching!!!  Have RTW items always been this bad and I never noticed!!?


Today was the day I decided to tackle the skirt.  I put it on my mannequin to consider some ideas….


I pinned the sides to make it more fitted, then once happy with the fit, used my serger to cut and stitch in one go.


I then decided to make it shorter but liked the look of the ruffled hem this skirt already had but more like the charlotte skirt.
So I cut a good few inches off the bottom.


I shortened the remaining hem piece, ran two lines of stitches along the seam allowance and pulled it short to match the hem. Then used the serger to attach to the main skirt, hemmed it and voile…..



Itch to stitch lindy petal skirt


This is my itch to stitch lindy petal skirt and I love it! Free pattern,  only takes a metre of fabric and quick to make!

I got the fabric from girl charlee and as it only uses a metre it’s a really cheap make even with fabulous fabric. It’s black with pale pink spots.



I used my serger to make up the seams and waist band and a double needle for the hem.


The top in the photo above is a Kat weekend top from Designer Stitch,  one of my favourite tnt patterns.

I have a bargain metre of sweatshirt fabric from girl charlee (£5!) and debating if I should make another or try and squeeze a Coco top out of it.

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