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January Sewing


I have decided to try and be more dedicated to this blog as a means to track and share my making and not just use Instagram. The plan is to write one blog piece at the end of each month highlighting things I have made that month and plans for the following month.

This month I have made six items which is pretty good going as the whole family lost 10 days to the flu (one after the other like dominoes) and I managed to write and submit a 9000 word assignment to uni.

First up is my second Helen’s closet York Pinafore made in heavy cotton from Ikea – I made this version in the longer length and higher neckline so I can wear it without tights in the summer. I think i prefer the lower neckline and maybe a length somewhere between the two – I have a denim one in mind for the summer when it starts to warm up.



Next up on my list is the Darcey Bra and Frankie pants from Evie La Luve – this was a Christmas present from my husband (sort of, i may have purchased and wrapped it for myself!!).

I have been wanting to try underwear for a while and decided to brave it after making swimwear which is a similar process. I got a kit with all the findings and fabrics as it was this part that put me off when this was the discounted pattern for #sewmystyle2018. I am so pleased with the finished item and fit and will be making more this year.





Number three on my list of makes is the Cable knit jumper from Lauren Aston designs down in Exeter. My Parents bought me this kit for Christmas and the wool was truly gorgeous to use – it’s merino wool in hanks you need to roll into balls. I made the small version and although it is no where as roomy as Lauren’s in the photos it is a good fit on me and really warm. I would like to make another one in medium but searching for equally beautiful wool without wanting to spend a fortune!!


Beautiful wool





Back of Jumper

There is a little bit of piling from wearing it but hoping this will settle down and dreading the first time it needs washing for fear of shrinking it!


I had enough wool left over to knit a snood which is so needed in this recent freezing weather:


My 5th make of the month was for my daughter – a friend sent me a link to the Little legs website, who sells stunning kids jersey, to highlight some llama fabric (daughter’s current obsession).

We went through my patterns, as at almost 13 she is just about fitting the smallest sizes on most patterns with a few tweaks, and agreed on the Jarrah pattern from Megan Nielsen patterns.




I had to remove 8cm across the width of the front and back pieces – add in 4 cm to the length as she didn’t want a waistband and i would’t have managed to cut one out of the 1m of fabric i had.

i had to shorten the shoulders and narrow the arms, basing the changes on an existing sweatshirt she has. The fit came out perfect and this was such good quality fabric to work with.

I have this pattern ready for me to make one in some Guthrie and Ghani jersey i have had stashed for almost a year!

Next up are my juicy watermelon leggings!! Sew my style 2019 set a theme for January of active wear so i went to my local fabricland and invested in this great fabric to make a pair of high rise Avery leggings from Helen’s closet.

I am yet to wear them for anything but lounging around and not sure I am brave enough to wear out to a gym class but i do love them!



I had enough fabric left over to cut out a Nautilus swimsuit from Tuesday Stitches which i was aiming to enter to the Monthly Stitch ‘seasonally inappropriate’ – i might need to enter on the 28.2.19 for the Amnesty posts.

February plans

My plans for February have already started with this New Look 6104 pattern which I am making for a friend at work’s birthday. She gifted me this pattern, fabric and notions at Christmas as she bought them a few years ago when she went to a sewing class but could not get on with it and gave up. I love the pattern but this fabric is not my taste so I thought i would complete the project for her.


I set myself these nine patterns for the Make nine contest on Instagram; i have already made the York Pinafore and Evie La Luve set.


I have taken to cutting out my fabric ready to sew in batches this year so I have the following items in my basket ready to sew:

Monthly stats

Number of Makes: 6

Number of New fabric purchases: 4

Number of Stash Fabric used: 2

Number of New Pattern purchases: 2

Number of Stash patterns used: 3 (4th scarf pattern was made up)


Sleeves or sleeveless??


I have finally started to make the lena wrap dress that came free with love sewing magazine. The instructions are terrible and if you were a newby to sewing you would be totally lost!! I’m just going for it in my own way.

I’ve got as far as the darts and then tacked it to my mannequin for sizing.  I’m normally a 10 in simple Sew patterns and cut this pattern out a few weeks ago but when I double checked the sizing I realised a 10 would be too small. The pattern actually only shows you the finished size and no body measurements anywhere.


I just about managed to squeeze the pattern out of the discounted fabric from girl charlee bought in the new year sale. 


Now I have pinned it together I can’t decide if I should add the short sleeves or leave it without sleeves.  What do you think? Opinions would be appreciated….


Fabric delivery :)

I received a lovely email the other week telling me that I had a won £25 to spend at Girl Charlee from a competition I entered from the simply sewing magazine.

I got very excited and started to plan all sorts of jersey makes ready for autumn.

Well my parcel arrived this morning and I am so excited!


Look at all those bright colours and they feel so lovely and soft.

Is it normal to get this excited and happy about a few metres of fabric??

I am planning on using the pink and black spotty ponte de roma to make an itch and stitch lindy petal skirt which I downloaded for free after seeing others on the blogs here.

The coral sweatshirt fabric is for a TATB Coco funnel neck top/ dress and the two stripy cotton jersey are to make a TATB Agnes top if I can stretch one from a metre (with shorter sleeves?).  If not I might make another Kat top from Designer Stitch or one of my simple Sew patterns.

Thank you so much simply sewing and girl Charlee!


So many projects, so little time

It was my birthday last week so I asked for money to enable me to go fabric shopping without the guilt. 

So I decided to sit down and write a list of patterns I really wanted to sew and buy the fabric plus notions so I am good to go when I have the time.

So these are on my to make list now:


Threadcount classic pleated trousers

Floral cotton fabric from fabricland,  I had planned on making a toile for these but I am too impatient so might just go for it!


Simple Sew pleated culottes

Aubergine colour linen from fabricland,  thinking ahead for autumn and winter.


Houndstooth fabric for designer stitch Jenny dress

Pink/purple houndstooth fabric from fabricland,  to make the Jenny dress I won during IPM from Designer Stitch.  Think I will make the classic version in this for work.


Tilly and the buttons marigold jumpsuit

I have plans to make this jumpsuit ready for christmas party time.  I wanted to make a black version (and I only own two black clothing items,  both jackets!!) and then found this fab sparkly fabric.


It means I need to line it so have bought a lovely soft viscous cotton to make underneath.  Not sure how to join the two up yet but have 4 months to figure it out.


Sew over it silk cami x 2

The sew over it silk cami kit was one of my birthday presents from hubby. The kit had the pattern and the floral peachskin fabric to the right in the photo.  I bought some cheap polyester silky fabric to make a wearable toile. Lucky I did as it was too tight across the bust ( which never happens to me as only an A cup).  I bought the pink bird fabric to try again before I cut into the decent fabric.


Collette ginger skirt

I got this tula pink bumble bee fabric from Beatles a few months ago as end of roll. I got the ginger skirt pattern from a pattern exchange group on Facebook and thought it would be a great design to show off the fabric.


Simple Sew pussybow blouse

This make was inspired by another blogger on WordPress who made culottes with a pussybow top. Again,  I am planning ahead to autumn /winter and adding another black item to my wardrobe.


Tilly and the buttons Agnes top

I received the Agnes pattern during the swap in IPM.  I made a stripy version in cheap jersey as a wearable toile but had this in the stash. I am planning to make the long sleeve version.


Shorts and cami from gbsb latest book

This is the failed silk cami that only fits without a bra so has been relegated to nightwear.  I found the short pattern in my latest gbsb book and will add lace trim, the whole set will only cost me £3.50!!

That should keep me busy for a while and out of fabricland!!


Style 3686 vintage pattern



I haven’t started this project yet but wanted to share what I had planned.
I went to my local charity shop for a quick browse and was very pleased to find a stack of sewing patterns for sale,  almost all vintage styles from the 60’s and 70’s for 50p each!!!

I remained disciplined and only bought two (as luck would have it they were all also in my size!) and this is one of them.

I am going to make view 3 which is the short version without the frills at the front and only needs 2 yards.

I went to my local hobbycraft this afternoon for a look around and found this amazing fabric below.


I originally picked up a roll of fabric with bright bold flowers that I thought would suit this pattern but my husband pointed out that it was quite thin and would need lining to stop it being see through….that might explain the £6 a metre price tag.

The makower print cotton above is of much better quality and I don’t think I’ll need to line it. It cost £12 a metre which is quite a bit for me to spend on fabric but I only needed two metres and thought I should start spending out a little more.  After all, I have stuck to my no RTW rule since January so must have earned it!!

I have never used a vintage pattern before so am looking forward to this new challenge.  My husband starts a new course at church every Thursday for the next 8 weeks so that evening can become my sewing night 🙂


Oops I did it again!!!


I had a quick look on as they had a sale on top of the huge discounts of being a member.
I wanted a pattern worthy of cutting into my lovely hawaiian fabric and would be great for her birthday party.
But then one pattern turned into five!! 

Two for her to choose between and I could envisage in a gorgeous needle cord. One coat pattern for my daughter as on our last trip to a fabric shop she found some great ripstop fabric.

The last two were for me…. A shirt dress after being inspired by everyone’s post on here and a top that someone on here posted and I loved so much I had to get the pattern…. Plus the extra pattern meant I spent enough to get free postage which was the same price so it was free really… Wasn’t it?!!


We have decided on this pattern for the birthday dress in view C.


I must stop shopping and start sewing,  I must stop shopping and start sewing,  I must stop shopping and start sewing…..


Duffle coat update


My coat has sleeves and toggles….. Well actually it got these for Christmas and I have failed to move it forward since then. 
I am far too easily distracted so this coat has been a big ask for me,  hours have gone into it and I still can’t wear it.  I had to add gussets under the arms to the pattern as I had restricted movement and I’m pleased with how these turned out.
I have added a zip and placket with faux leather toggles.


Once the hood is attached that’s all the outside shell completed.
I stopped for a few reasons,  firstly because I started to think about shoulder pads and lining the body which isn’t part of the instructions so threw me.  Then secondly because I started to think about party dresses and they are quick to make and offer positive reward!!
My mother in law lent me books on lining and I decided to look into doctors flannel,  whatever that is, but not for the arms as they still feel pretty fitted and don’t want them too tight.
My husband has subtly suggested I should finish this coat before any other projects…. Having made two dresses this week!
I might get the lining made and then make a final decision on the interlining.
Have any of you made this coat or a similar one?  Did you interline it for warmth?

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Grainline studio cascade duffle coat….. 6 hours later…

Quick update on my coat progress….



It took me over two hours to transfer all the pattern pieces onto paper and cut them out (all 30+ of them) and then a further 2 hours to line all my pieces onto the fabric to ensure all the seams line up….. Then a further two hours to cut out the interfacing and iron on to each section.


So very happy to finally do some actual sewing!!  I have joined up all the body pieces, graded the seams and top stitched them in place.
I have the pocket to do tomorrow at sewing class and more lining sections to cut out.

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Grainline studio cascade duffle coat


I am really aiming to challenge myself with my next make….. I’m going to sew
myself a duffle coat.

I have started a new sewing course with Sarah from a time to Sew so I can have her support on any tricky bits.

I have chosen a lovely tartan in teal and brown just to make it even harder!!  It took me two hours just to position all the pieces and make sure the pattern matches.  There are about 30 pattern pieces in total and 60 steps to make it.


The fabric was an eBay bargain as pre cut to three metres which happened to be how much I needed.


Then I have chosen a teal lining which has become very creased after washing it. Hopefully it will iron out with a bit of steam.

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Simple Sew Sophia pattern


The latest edition of Love Sewing magazine came out this week with a new Simple Sew pattern.

This will be one of my next projects ready for Christmas. I plan to make the skirt in a champagne coloured silky fabric and a sequin top in gold like in the photo below.


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